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Arizona vacations can be enjoyable any time of year, and while it gets very hot in this Southwest state in the summer months, there are enough water parks and museums to choose from in all the right spots. The hotel and flight rates also go down in the summer, making June through August the best time to enjoy cheap vacations to Arizona. For some, especially northerners, Arizona vacations are most ideal in the winter, as the relatively warm temps and abundant sunshine in places such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma can prove very enticing. Up in the higher elevations, skiing can enter the picture during winter, and catching a professional sports event can always figure on the agenda. Spring and fall are the peak seasons all around, as they offer prime temperatures for all kinds of pursuits.

Arizona vacations can revolve around any number of things, and for some, golfing is the main priority. Arizona golf vacations are about as good as golf vacations get. In fact, only Florida can rival Arizona when it comes to top U.S. states for golfing. In addition to an abundant number of excellent golf courses, Arizona has a fine array of outstanding golf resorts. The best golf resorts in the state are found in the Phoenix area, with Scottsdale also an especially good place to look. When planning Arizona golf vacations, you don't have to limit yourself to the Phoenix area, however, as there are other good golf resorts in other inviting destinations, with the Tucson area being the next best choice.

When planning Arizona vacations, horseback riding is another activity that some travelers will have in mind when it comes to keeping busy, and there is no shortage of interesting tours and accommodations that cater to such whims. Some of the best places to go horseback riding in the state are Monument Valley, the red rock environs of Sedona, and the famed Grand Canyon. Coincidentally, those who are planning horseback vacations in Arizona can keep the donkey treks into the canyon in mind when trying to decide what to do in Grand Canyon National Park. Stables abound across the state, and guided riding tours are relatively easy to book wherever you find yourself. As for places to stay on horseback vacations in Arizona, there are a variety of dude ranches to choose from, and some of the state's campgrounds have sites that can accommodate riders and their horses. At the dude ranches, riding is an everyday affair for most guests, and it's often possible to partake in some cattle round-ups.

Golfing and horseback riding are just two things that Arizona vacations can revolve around or include. Other popular activities that are often at the heart of vacations are hiking and mountain biking. At parks such as the South Mountain Park and the McDowell Mountain Park in the Phoenix area, the hiking and biking trails are numerous, as is true at most of the parks across the state, whether they are state parks, national parks, or regional parks. The Grand Canyon is often the target of hiking excursions, and while mountain bikers won't find any trails for them in Grand Canyon National Park, there are some just outside the park's boundaries, with the Kaibab National Forest being a good place to find them. Regardless of where you are planning on spending the bulk of your time on Arizona vacations, hiking and biking will likely be options for things to do.

Any number of activities can be the focus when it comes to getting away from it all in Arizona, with fishing and skiing being just two more available options. Arizona might be a desert state, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't snow here. Arizona ski vacations are best enjoyed in the winter months, as the conditions are usually very unpredictable once spring rolls around. Just north of Flagstaff is where you will find the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area, and while it doesn't rival the resorts that you can find in top skiing states such as Colorado, it can more than satisfy even the most spoiled and talented of skiers. Another small ski area can be found near the city of Williams for those who are interested in Arizona ski vacations, and the largest ski area in the state, or the Sunrise Park Ski Resort, awaits skiing enthusiasts who are willing to venture over to the east-central part of the state. Some attractive Arizona skiing packages are out there.

As for those who are hoping to do some fishing on their Arizona vacation, the options are more complete than you might imagine, with the state's lakes being good for bass fishing. Up in the White Mountains, trout fishing is popular, and you can also do some good trout fishing in the Colorado River just upstream from the Grand Canyon. Regardless of the kind of fishing you have in mind, the stunning Arizona scenery will only serve to complement the fishing, and you might opt to camp out and cook your catch over the campfire or on a barbecue grill. Speaking of camping, it's just one more thing that an Arizona vacation can revolve around, and if you aren't up for staying in a tent, cabins are in good supply across the land.

These are just some of the options when it comes to Arizona vacations, and there are many more worth considering. House boating on Lake Powell is another good way to spend some time, with the town of Page making for a fine gateway to the scenic Lake Powell region, and for those who want to get in touch with Native American culture, visiting Indian Reservations such as the Navajo Nation in the northeast and the Gila River Indian Reservation near Phoenix can prove very rewarding. A number of tantalizing Arizona vacations packages that highlight experiences like these are widely available, and they can often save travelers both time and money. As such, keeping them in mind when planning Arizona vacations can be an especially good idea.

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