Verde River Rafting

Verde River rafting is wild and scenic and unforgettable, traveling through a protected landscape with rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV. During an Arizona rafting trip along the Verde River, paddlers will have a chance to view spectacular wildlife and scenery, and with trips ranging from several hours to several days, there are plenty of opportunities to snap a few pictures along the way. Each season offers a different ride along the Verde River, requiring a varied selection of watercrafts, from rafts to kayaks to tubes.

Verde River rafting can be an enjoyable experience for everyone, especially for the inexperienced paddlers, as it can help first-timers learn how to paddle the river alone. However, high waters do occasionally occur, and at these times the Verde River Arizona is not always navigable by raft. On the flip side, one of the most exciting and independent ways to explore the river is by kayak or canoe, which is the most common means of travel on this river. Inflatable kayaks, also known as duckies, are stable and ideal for inexperienced adventurers as opposed to canoes. During the summer months, Verde River tubing is a pleasant encounter on which vacationers can embark on a relaxing trip, floating down the river.

From the low splashes to the Class IV dips and drops, there are great tours accompanied by guides who can help you safely navigate the river. There are hazards along the route, so in addition to heeding guides’ instructions, travelers should be sure to bring their own emergency supplies and basics such as sun block, comfortable clothes, and river sandals—and a waterproof disposable camera doesn’t hurt as well on a Verde River rafting trip.

Combining Verde River tubing and rafting excursions with other activities is also a common practice among visitors of the area. Such activities may include horseback riding tours, helicopter tours, hiking, and camping. Oftentimes, camping is included with overnight trips, and these can be especially memorable for campfire experiences and enjoying an evening with old and new friends, for first timers and for the veterans alike. However the trip is planned, the Verde River Arizona is sure to provide an exciting encounter with memories that will last a lifetime.

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