Walnut Canyon National Monument

The Walnut Canyon National Monument was established in 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson and features ancient cliff dwellings that were built by the Sinagua people. These pre-Columbian people flourished in the Arizona region from about 600 to 1400 AD. The cliff dwellings that they left behind in Walnut Canyon date back to the 12th century and provide wonderful insight into life at the time. Walnut Canyon National Monument visitors can hike along the canyon rim and view the dwellings from above. It is also possible to hike down to a section of the canyon wall where 25 dwellings await. Some of these dwellings can be entered and explored. Similar attractions that feature remnants of the Sinagua culture are also found in the region for those who are interested. They include the Wupatki National Monument, the Montezuma Castle National Monument, and the Tuzigoot National Monument.

Walnut Canyon Camping

Camping is not permitted within the boundaries of the Walnut Canyon National Monument. That being said, there are campsites near the protected area. Examples include the campsites in the surrounding Coconino National Forest. Some of these sites are located at Bonito Campground, located across from the visitor center at the nearby Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. This campground usually opens in late May and closes around mid-October. It does not feature hook-ups.

Walnut Canyon National Monument Map

Walnut Canyon National Monument Map
Walnut Canyon National Monument Map

A Walnut Canyon National Monument map shows that the site can be found in Northern Arizona just south of Interstate 40. The city of Flagstaff is less than 10 miles to the west. Other points of interest in the general region include, but aren’t limited to, Meteor Crater and Grand Canyon National Park. As previously noted, there are also several other national monuments that call the region home.

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