Whiskey Row Prescott

Whiskey Row Prescott is an interesting destination, whether you’re particularly interested in the history of Arizona and the Old West or are just looking for a good place to get a drink while in northern Arizona. While it isn’t home to nearly as many saloons as it was in the nineteenth century, the 100 block of Prescott Arizona’s South Montezuma Street still serves as a hot spot of sorts. The resident saloons have plenty of Wild West flair, and on weekends especially, it is common for them to offer live country music and dinner-theater performances.

Located near Sedona, the town of Prescott was once a territorial capital and a commonly visited Old West destination. Add in the fact that saloons were popular gathering places in the Old West, and there is little wonder that the city was home to so many of them in the late 1800s. According to certain accounts, Whiskey Row Prescott was actually home to more than 40 saloons during the Old West days. Whether this number is accurate or not, the strip was lined with it fair share of saloons, all of which were destroyed by a fire on July 14, 1900. New buildings were constructed shortly thereafter, and while the majority of these weren’t saloons—they included a hardware company and a couple of hotels, among other structures—they have a historical significance all their own. Informational plaques that offer insight into the interesting history of Whiskey Row can be found along Montezuma Street.

Whisky Row, as it is also sometimes spelled, certainly deserves a look while in Prescott. Should your visit revolve around enjoying the local nightlife, you might be interested to know that other bars, clubs, and restaurants are found just a few blocks away, so you can enjoy an evening out even if Whiskey Row lacks its former number of saloons. As for those who might be looking for a Prescott hotel that can be found along Whiskey Row, the historic Highland Hotel at 154 S. Montezuma is a good place to start. Just remember to book in advance if possible—this is a small hotel that fills up quickly.

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