Arkansas is probably best known as the home state of former President Bill Clinton, at least for most travelers, but there is far more than just politics on offer for visitors to appreciate during their visit to this beautiful state.

Among the many attractions for visitors to Arkansas, there are cities and towns, but perhaps the main reason for coming is in order to enjoy some of the largest and most unspoiled areas of countryside in the US, including many incredible natural sights that will astound you. There are large national parks where you can hike, lakes where you can enjoy the summer sun on the beach and in small resort towns, and of course, plenty of great views to find on the roads that wind through the landscape.

As with many of the more rural states, the best way to spend Arkansas vacations is on a drive. Hiring a car on arrival in the state and then taking the time to get off the beaten track and explore the smaller towns away from cities like Little Rock, Arkansas.

In the Arkansas state parks there are plenty of lodges and guest houses where you can spend a night or two. Even further into the rural areas of the state, there are plenty of cabins in Arkansas that offer a range of different standards of accommodation for guests, and you can certainly find the kind of accommodation that you are looking for.

One of the top Arkansas tourism areas is in the Beaver Lake Arkansas region. High in the rugged Ozark Mountains, the lake is a reservoir that boasts more than 450 miles of coastline with many beaches and water sports on offer. The Beaver Dam that created the lake is one of the largest dams in the world, and a tourist attraction in its own right. It was built over a period of years starting in 1960, as part of a scheme that brought hydroelectric power and twelve new resort towns and national park areas to the Benton County area.

Moving south from Beaver Lake, the White River offers some of the best inland sport fishing in the USA, and is particularly popular during the key summer salmon season, when people come from all over the country in order to make some catches.

One of the most impressive attractions in the state, and something that every visitor with the time should make the effort to see are the natural springs at Hot Springs, Arkansas. This town, the tenth largest in the state was once a popular spa town, and still boasts a number of hotels and places where you can enjoy a range of different treatments and the health benefits of the water from the hot springs.

One thing is for certain, no matter where you come to Arkansas from, and whether you spend your time enjoying the urbane charms of Little Rock Arkansas, or head off into the wilds in order to get a taste of a more rural life, this is one of the most unspoiled and unpretentious areas of the US. On your Arkansas vacation, you will be able to escape the excesses of the modern world or immerse yourself in them and enjoy a really relaxing break.

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