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There is a reason that Arkansas is called "The Natural State", and it is a good one. A highly rural state with small urban areas, the Arkansas terrain ranges from mountains and valleys, to thick woodlands and fertile plains. There are many stunning vistas to take in around Arkansas, and for nature-lovers especially, the vast unspoiled areas are a dream to hike and explore. Arkansas is a dream for fisherman searching out top notch inland fishing as well. The White River, for example, attracts a healthy number of anglers each summer who are looking to hook salmon. Arkansas is a great state for getting away from the busy pace of everyday life, whether you stay in a small town for a weekend, take to the mountain highlands, or book a night at one of the state's resorts. In Arkansas, you can leave pretentiousness at home and find a place where you can truly unwind. As for lodging in Arkansas, you will find a complete mix of accommodations. The Arkansas hotels range from motels and hotels, to resorts and rental cabins and then some. Depending on your taste and budget, you will find Arkansas hotels that will meet your needs.

Arkansas is bordered by six different states, those of which are Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. If you are driving into or out of the south, you may find yourself at least passing through Arkansas, and you will find a good amount of chain hotels along the primary routes of travel. These are some of your best bets for cheap hotels in Arkansas, and they prove to be quite convenient when you decide you've had enough driving and want to relax. The majority of the eastern edge of Arkansas is defined by the mighty Mississippi River, and where Tennessee borders the state, you will find the Blues-rich city of Memphis. If you are heading west into Arkansas, perhaps towards Little Rock, the Memphis hotels can provide you with a complete selection of accommodations. But if you can manage the remaining 130 miles of your drive, you will find Little Rock to be much the same. The Little Rock hotels range from budget to luxury, and with 10 of the Little Rock hotels either new or recently renovated, the list of choices seems to be getting better and better. Whether you are looking for a chain brand hotel, a historic hotel, or a hotel with suites, you will find it among the Little Rock hotels.

Just to the southwest of the capital city of Little Rock is the popular tourist town of Hot Springs. The hotels in Hot Springs AR have also seen some new additions, and among those are a few upscale Hot Springs hotels that will provide you with the maximum in comfort and service. The list of hotels in Hot Springs AR features a handful of resorts, lodges, chain hotels and a good amount of motels, which are good bets for cheap hotels in Arkansas. The Hot Springs National Park is a beautiful region of the country, with picturesque small mountains rising up all around. You can still find treatments using the natural waters that spring to the surface at Hot Springs, and if you want to take a pass on the hotels in Hot Springs AR and do some camping, the area offers camping and picnic areas. Another relaxing and scenic spot where you might be looking for good Arkansas hotels is Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake Arkansas is high in the Ozark Mountains, and near or along the lake's some 450 miles of coastline, there are places to shack up and plenty of water sports to enjoy. Beaver Lake is just to the north of Fayetteville, where the University of Arkansas is located. Being a college town and a popular getaway destination, Fayetteville is full of unique shops, an interesting music scene and plenty of small town America charm. The Ozark highlands are great for hiking and biking and all other kinds of outdoor activities, and the area boasts a good number of state parks. Among the Fayetteville Arkansas hotels, you will find both budget and upscale choices.

For golfers, Arkansas is a joy to visit. Full of scenic courses and blessed with playable year round conditions, Arkansas golf is waiting for you to explore. Whether you are vacationing in the Ozark Mountains, are mixing it up in Little Rock, or staying at one of the Arkansas hotels in the Delta region, there are Arkansas golf courses to be found, some of which have been designed by some of the top names in the business. Wine lovers will also relish a chance to see what the Arkansas wine country has to offer. Between the Ozarks and the Quachita Mountain range, the Arkansas River Valley has several wineries that offer free tours and wine tastings. It may not be the same as a Chianti wine tour in Italy, but you might be surprised just how authentic the experience here is. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Arkansas from which to explore some of these coveted regions of the state, and more and more upscale hotels in Arkansas continue to add depth to the Arkansas accommodations that you will find. A good way to find cheap hotels in Arkansas is to book your stay online, but if you are traveling without an agenda, you will find plenty of discount Arkansas hotels and lodging options nonetheless. From Dude Ranches to lodges and everything in-between, the hotels in Arkansas have your vacation needs covered.

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