Arkansas Vacations

Arkansas vacations are limited only by your imagination and your budget. The state has a great deal to offer for history buffs, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone in between. There are Arkansas vacation spots all over the state, and if you're deciding when to go, remember that this is a year round destination.

Vacations to Arkansas generally focus on the things to do and see in particular regions, and you can divide the state up into roughly six regions: the Mississippi River Delta region along the eastern border with Illinois and Mississippi; the Timberlands along the southern border with Louisiana; the central region around Little Rock, capital and largest city; the Ouachita Mountains region in the west central part of the state; the river valley region just north of that; and the Ozarks in the north, bordering Missouri.

Even the central region around Little Rock offers some exciting outdoor recreation, but the best Arkansas vacation spots will be found in the other five regions. All of them have superb hiking and cycling trails, camping and cabins for rent, fishing and hunting, and much more. If you're a lover of the outdoors, Arkansas vacations in any of these places will be rewarding.

If you're looking for Arkansas getaways with plenty of museums, city sights, and tours then the central region is the place for you. Little Rock is a large cosmopolitan city with the prestigious Clinton Presidential Library, the wonderful historic district of Quapaw with its beautiful old mansions, a respected zoo and art center, and the most golfing spots in the state. Arkansas vacations here will also give you access to the most luxury hotels and best dining venues.

Other Arkansas getaways are a bit more romantic. Cozy, secluded cabins designed for couples are available in many of the resort areas. The spas of Hot Springs and Eureka Springs often offer Valentine's Day, anniversary, or honeymoon vacation packages. Or, you can choose Arkansas getaways devoted to golfing. For extensive golfing, check out the Natural State Golf Trail with thirteen wonderful courses and golf resorts located all across the state, except in the southern Timberlands region. Many of these are located close to many other attractions that will appeal even to non-golfers.

If you want your vacations to Arkansas to include events, you might want to consider the Mississippi Delta region, and the town of Helena. This is where the annual Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival, the largest outdoor blues festival in the country, is held. Little Rock is the site of the October State Fair, with amusement park rides and concerts, in addition to the traditional livestock and agricultural exhibits. There's a Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs, and a hotly contested duck calling festival in Stuttgart.

Vacations to Arkansas can also explore other aspects of the fascinating history and heritage of the state. One of the 52 state parks is actually dedicated to the unique heritage of the Ozarks. This is the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, known as the Folk Music Capital of the World. In addition to tapping your foot to some folk music, you can see blacksmiths at work, pottery throwing, and nearly twenty other pioneer skills and crafts. One of the most intact Civil War battlefield sites is located at Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, and you can even dig for gemstones at the Crater of Diamonds while learning the background on the only diamond mine in the United States. Whatever your interests, you will find Arkansas vacation spots that have something to offer you.

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