Bentonville Arkansas

The fact that the world's largest retailer has its headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas certainly helps to put the city on the map. In addition to learning all about the Wal-Mart company while engaging in Bentonville travel, you can also delve into local history by visiting historical attractions like The Peel House Mansion Museum and Heritage Gardens. Hitting the local shops and seeing what's on the menu at the city's restaurants are also top things to do in Bentonville. To complement your time in downtown Bentonville, you can head out into the surrounding area to enjoy any number of outdoor pursuits, such as mountain biking and fishing. Though it may be a relatively small city, Bentonville Arkansas has some of the trappings of a larger metropolitan area. It's also easy enough to escape when the great outdoors are calling.

One of the top attractions in Bentonville is the Sam Walton's Five and Dime store, which can be found in the heart of town. Hailed as the first Wal-Mart, this downtown establishment is now a museum, and it also serves as the Wal-Mart Visitor's Center. At the Wal-Mart Visitor's Center, or Sam Walton's Five and Dime store if you prefer, you can trace the company's history and enjoy exhibits that include things like taped interviews from the early days. Before or after you explore the Wal-Mart Visitor's Center, you might pay the James H. Berry Monument a visit since it is close by. This small monument not only pays homage to a former Arkansas governor, but to Confederate soldiers and to the Confederacy on a whole as well. Your Bentonville Arkansas history lesson can continue at The Peel House Mansion Museum and Heritage Gardens, which dates all the way back to 1875. Colonel Peel, who was the first native son of Arkansas to serve in the U.S. Congress, raised nine children with his wife Mary Emaline Berry Peel at The Peel House Mansion, which retains many authentic Victorian touches. Both the Old State House and the Historic Arkansas Museum, which can be found in Little Rock, contributed artifacts and antiques to the Peel Mansion Museum, lending to the quality of the attraction's historic appeal.

Other attractions in Bentonville that might pique your interest include the Veterans Wall of Honor and the Museum of Native American Artifacts. The former, which is actually found in nearby Bella Vista, is a small monument complex where visitors can take time out to honor those who made sacrifices in the name of freedom. As for the latter, it traces Native American history back some 14,000 years, offering an array of artifacts that have been unearthed throughout the North American continent. Should you be interested in learning about one of the Civil War's most important battles, you can add the Pea Ridge National Military Park to your Bentonville travel itinerary. Found just five miles outside of town, this national park boasts a complete visitor's center, a small museum, and a road tour with multiple stops. Hiking trails and horse trails can also be found at the park if you want to further explore the grounds.

Historical attractions in Bentonville abound, but the city isn't necessarily resting on its historic laurels. The new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art complex, which can be found within walking distance of the historic town square, promises to make Bentonville travel more attractive than ever. Dedicated to all things art-related, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art not only offers exhibits in its main pavilions, but throughout the surrounding park as well. Though the museum complex enjoys a tranquil wooded location, its well-groomed paths and trails connect it to neighborhoods in the area, helping to make it easily accessible to local communities. When you're not enjoying the many historical and cultural attractions in Bentonville, heading outdoors for some recreation is always an option.

One of the top things to do in Bentonville for locals and tourists alike is visiting nearby Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake is one of the top lakes in Arkansas when it comes to outdoor recreation, partly because it offers almost 500 miles of shoreline. Other lakes in the northwestern part of the state that you can easily include in your Bentonville travel plans include Crystal Lake, Table Rock Lake, and Lake Wedington, among others. Arkansas is full of state parks, and there are many within reach of Bentonville if you're looking to enjoy activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and spending time out in nature. Beaver Lake State Park, Devil's Den State Park, and the Ozark National Forest are just a few options. There are attractions in Bentonville to suit a range of tastes and preferences, and the area parks only help to make Bentonville travel more complete. Book your stay at one of the Bentonville hotels today, and come see why this city is one of the fastest-growing in Arkansas.

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