Eureka Springs Arkansas

There are plenty of reasons why the charming town of Eureka Springs is one of the top tourist destinations in Arkansas. For starters, the entire village is on the National Register of Historic Places. Consider the fact that Eureka Springs Arkansas also rests in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, and you have yourself a pretty enviable place. More a resort village than your average small city, Eureka Springs features winding streets that are adorned with Victorian-style homes and manors. Many of the preserved buildings in the old commercial section of town are made out of stone taken from the area, and together with the winding streets, they rise and fall with the natural topography.

Hitting the local specialty shops, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at a sidewalk café, checking out the numerous downtown art galleries, or simply enjoying the lovely mountain setting are partly what Eureka Springs vacations are all about. Nearby cities like Bentonville can be visited on side trips during Eureka Springs vacations, and there are plenty of state parks and lakes close by when you want to get in touch with the area's more natural side. Eureka Springs Arkansas is very proud of its rich arts and culture heritage, and many Eureka Springs vacations are planned in the month of May, as that's when the city's month-long Festival of the Arts is in full swing. This terrific northwestern Arkansas festival showcases art in just about every way possible, and special exhibits are featured each day to keep things fresh.

Couples who are seeking a romantic southern getaway will do well to consider Eureka Springs Arkansas, as the village's divine setting encourages plenty of romantic endeavors. In addition to a romantic setting, Eureka Springs also boasts some excellent bed and breakfast inns, which are easily among the more unique Eureka Springs hotels. Perhaps you and your significant other will decide to add a visit to one of the local spas in your Eureka Springs travel plans. Soaking in mineral baths and enjoying relaxing massage treatments are just some of the things that you can do at the Eureka Springs spas. Couples, groups of friends, families, and anybody else enjoying Eureka Springs vacations can also seek rejuvenation in the great outdoors.

You just might need a massage at some point during your Eureka Springs visit after hiking the area trails or sailing on some of the area lakes. Bass fishing is also big in the northwestern part of the state, so anglers will want to try to fit at least one fishing session into their Eureka Springs travel plans. Swimming, horseback riding, mountain biking, and canoeing on the area rivers are just some of the other outdoor pursuits that Eureka Springs vacations do well to support. You can even head to some nearby caves to do a little exploring if you're up for it. Onyx Cave, which has been a top Arkansas tourist attraction since 1893, can be found just six miles east of Eureka Springs.

The attractions that you can add to your Eureka Springs travel itinerary are quite varied, which helps to distinguish the village as a premier Arkansas vacation destination. Among the more unique attractions here is the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, which provides a home for "big cats" who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Big cats like cougars and tigers can be seen here, and there's also a black bear that calls the refuge home. Some of the Christian-based attractions in Eureka Springs are quite unique themselves, and they include the Museum of Earth History and the Christ of the Ozarks. The former is a controversial museum that offers views on the history of the earth that are based in fundamentalist Christian theology, while the latter is a 67-foot statue of Jesus that can be found atop Magnetic Mountain. Both the Museum of Earth History and the Christ of the Ozarks can be found on the grounds of The Great Passion Play, which is an annual outdoor performance that takes place in Eureka Springs in April. One of the largest outdoor performances in the country, The Great Passion Play in Eureka depicts the trial, suffering, and eventual death of Jesus Christ.

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