Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock is both the largest city in Arkansas and the state capital, and you can find it almost smack dab in the middle of the state. Due to its location, it makes for an excellent base for your Arkansas vacation. A number of Arkansas state parks and camping grounds are an hour's drive or less from Little Rock, and you can always consider a side trip to Hot Springs since it's only 52 miles away. The diverse Little Rock attractions help to keep visitors busy when they're not out exploring the general area. These attractions include the oldest capitol building west of the Mississippi River and the Clinton Presidential Center and Park. There are so many fun and interesting things to do in Little Rock, and it's always a good idea to check out the local events calendar to see what's going on during your visit.

Among the most popular annual events in Little Rock Arkansas are the two Arkansas Razorback football games that take place at the city's War Memorial Stadium. Tens of thousands of college football fans tailgate on the golf course grounds that surround the stadium, making for quite a festive atmosphere. Though the Razorback football team plays the bulk of its home games in Fayetteville, the Little Rock games are every bit as fun and exciting. Another one of the annual events that you might include in your Little Rock travel plans is the Arkansas State Fair, which takes place in early October. A number of smaller events, such as concerts and theater performances, take place throughout the year in Little Rock Arkansas, so you can always look to enjoy them as well during your trip.

Regardless of which month you have in mind when making your Little Rock travel plans, there will be plenty of great attractions that await you once you arrive. There are a number of interesting historical sites and museums in Arkansas, and Little Rock boasts some good ones of its own. The Arkansas State Capitol is one of the more popular historic Little Rock attractions, and you can enjoy guided tours of it on weekdays. The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site is another historic attraction that sees its fair share of visitors. While integration protesters made their presence known, nine African-American students entered the then segregated Central High School on September 23, 1957. This event was broadcast around the world and was one of the most highly-publicized moments in the Civil Rights struggle.

When you're not taking in some of the historic sites in Little Rock Arkansas, you might make it a point to visit one of the city's museums. The Historic Arkansas Museum is a great place to learn about the city's frontier days, and you can gain insight into the more recent history of Arkansas on the whole at the Old State House Museum. Art fans won't want to leave the Arkansas Art Center off their Little Rock travel itineraries, and the Clinton Presidential Center is not to be missed by those who want to learn all about the 42nd President of the United States. The Clinton Presidential Center is where you will find the Clinton Presidential Library, which focuses heavily on the time that William J. Clinton spent as the nation's leader. Other great Little Rock attractions that you can add to the agenda include the Old Mill and Villa Marre. The Old Mill is the small stone building that was featured in the opening scene of the classic 1939 movie, Gone With The Wind. As for Villa Marre, it was featured in the television show Designing Women. Now a private residence, this 1881 Italianate and Second Empire-style home is a joy to see from the outside, even if you're not a fan of the show that helped to make it famous.

It's hard to cover all the Little Rock attractions in a brief summary, and enjoying your own Little Rock getaway is the best way to see just how much there is to see and do here. As is true in cities throughout Arkansas, the Little Rock hotels are relatively cheap on the whole, and even if you choose upscale accommodations, the price is still bound to be nice. Enjoying some time in Little Rock during an Arkansas vacation is definitely recommended, so find your ideal hotel here today and start planning your trip.

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