Arkansas Spas

You'll find a good number of towns and attractions in the state that end in the word "Springs." This is because there are so many thermal springs supplying Arkansas spas with the curative waters that draw so many visitors. You'll find whatever you're looking for, whether it's a Arkansas day spa in the city of Little Rock or an Arkansas spa resort with all the bells and whistles. And, you'll be able to book Arkansas spa packages at just about any of them.

An Arkansas day spa will typically have massage services that you pay for by the hour and type of service. Most will have an array of skin treatments and facials and often a hair salon. Some will have chiropractic services, and a very nice Arkansas day spa will also have a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, or similar facilities. The latter facilities will generally be segregated by sex, if the spa caters to both men and women. They rarely offer other things to do, although some will have dining venues, provide healthy snacks, and may have a "quiet room" with lounges and where talking is not allowed. This kind of spa in Arkansas is excellent if you're in an area to primarily enjoy the region, whether it's fishing or golfing or city sightseeing.

Many Arkansas spas are steeped in the state's history. It all began in Hot Springs. During the early 1900s, thousands of people flocked here to experience the curative waters. In fact, way back in the mid-sixteenth century, Hernando De Soto and his conquistadors stopped for several days during their explorations of the southeast. As early as 1832, a Massachusetts entrepreneur rented out rooms to those who came for the cure. Today, historic "Bathhouse Row" has been restored to its Victorian grandeur, and you'll see people filling up their drinking water bottles from the mineral springs.

You can also tour beautiful Fordyce Bath, which operated from 1915 to 1962. It is now a museum that chronicles the history of the spa in Arkansas and is full of stained glass and opulent marble columns. The 47 springs of Hot Springs (flowing at an average temperature of 147 degrees F) are today protected by a national park, set aside in 1832 as the country's first. The only remaining operational bath house on Bathhouse Row within the national park is the lovely old Buckstaff, which has been in continuous operation as an Arkansas spa resort since 1912. Since this area is also dotted with excellent golfing venues and other attractions, it's possible to find Arkansas spa packages that include golf and other activities.

The next place you should look for your spa in Arkansas is Eureka Springs. Like Hot Springs, the area around Eureka Springs was long considered sacred to Native Americans. The white history of the curative waters here began in 1856 when Dr. Alvah Jackson used the healing waters to cure his son of an eye ailment. Its reputation as an Arkansas spa resort was secured in 1879 when the doctor's friend was cured of a crippling disease by a visit to Basin Spring. The City of Eureka Springs was founded and named on July 4, 1879. As word began to spread, thousands of visitors flocked to the original encampment of tents and hastily built shanties. By late 1879, the estimated population of Eureka Springs reached 10,000 people and in 1881, the town was declared a "City of the First Class," the fourth largest city in the state. The town is now one of the premier tourist attractions in the state, home to a thriving arts community offering exciting events like the annual Great Passion Play. Arkansas spa packages with Eureka Springs as your destination also place you near attractions like the White River with its excellent trout fishing.

Finding an Arkansas spa resort is limited only by your imagination and your interests. You'll find them in the state parks, and on lakes. There are Arkansas spas in the cities, and in pristine wilderness.

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