Arkansas Tours

There is the possibility of booking all kinds of tours of Arkansas in just about any location you find yourself. These include just about everything from overnight Arkansas river tours to short excursions that encompass city sightseeing or guide you around certain attractions. Depending on the things to do that most interest you, it might be more economical to investigate the various available Arkansas vacation packages that have many different included features.

Whichever way you go, you'll find that Arkansas tours can add depth and better understanding of the destination. This is especially true of Arkansas river tours that often take you into wilderness areas. Local river and fishing guides have years of experience, and know the backcountry trails and byways better than anyone. They may have access to completely private camping sites, and they know where the biggest fish will be found. If you're interested in white water rafting, you'll find excellent spots along the Cossatot and Caddo Rivers, as well as above and below the several dams on the White River. Unless you're an expert, these kinds of Arkansas river tours require an professional river guide.

For Arkansas tours that cover city sightseeing, let's takes Little Rock as an example. It's true that you can buy a ticket for admission to the Clinton Presidential Library cheaper than purchasing a two to four hour motor coach tour of the city. But a city tour provides you with a number of benefits. You'll have a guide onboard the vehicle to point out sights and explain their history along the way. These are sights you're quite apt to miss as try to make your own way through an unfamiliar city. You'll also make several stops—perhaps in the historic Quapaw District, the Governor's Mansion, and the Old State House. You might even have a stop for included coffee and croissants.

You won't get lost, caught in traffic, or pay for parking. These kinds of tours of Arkansas are perfect to give you a good overview of a place, and provide you with ideas of where you want to return to spend more in-depth time during your Arkansas vacations.

Other tours of Arkansas will show you scenic beauty you'll never experience as you drive around in your own vehicle or car rentals. From Fort Smith, you can book a half-day rail tour in a beautifully restored historic train that takes you over the rivers and into wilds of the Ozarks and mountain state parks. You'll enjoy dining on an included box lunch of regional specialties, and have the benefit of a train conductor with years of experience. In Eureka Springs, there are country music tours that bring you to several music venues, and include a dinner show or tickets to similar events.

You'll also find that self-guided Arkansas tours can be quite rewarding. To get the best from them, it pays to do a little homework and planning before you leave your home. Read up on the history of the area you plan to visit, and get some maps to plan your route in advance. This is especially true if you plan on hiking. The state has an extremely active tourism department, and good topographical maps of state parks and wilderness areas are available. They will show camping spots along your route, as well as pinpoint the locations of luxury and cheap hotels, if you don't plan on roughing it every night. Just remember that before you set off on a hike of any length, let someone know your planned route, and when you intend to return. You can register with the state parks system or at a ranger station before you depart on your adventure.

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