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Deciding when to embark on your Arkansas travel plan could be determined by many personal factors like when you receive your vacation time, what your budget is and when your family members have time off too. Though we all have to take into account our personal situations when it comes to holiday time, it can be most beneficial to try to work around obstacles keeping us from visiting our holiday destination at it's peak time.

Arkansas seasons are not quite as distinct as some states where winter, spring, summer, and fall are all very obviously different. Arkansas's climate is mainly cool and moist with cooler winters, though the lowlands enjoy warmer temperatures with sunnier conditions. January sees average temperatures of 35 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit in the northwestern areas. In the more easterly areas, the average spans from 41 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. For some, this kind of weather is ideal for Arkansas vacations, never too hot or too cold. Some great things to do during the winter months include tours of state museums, renting cabins in the mountains, and visiting the famous Clinton Presidential Library. Winter brings fewer crowds as well as some cheaper rates for cheap to luxury hotels, dining, and market shopping.

Spring is a great time for Arkansas travel. During the bloom of this season Arkansas is alive with color. It's the time of year for renewal and this is felt throughout the towns and cities, stirring up a vibrant energy unique to the season. In May, the wildflowers erupt in color and the dogwoods and jonquils burst into bloom. Many photographers, both amateurs and professionals, prefer trips to Arkansas at this time of year when everything is drenched in kaleidoscopic hues. For visitors with car rentals, spring brings an added bonus. With wildflower routes spanning more than four hundred miles across the state, scenic drives are the best this time of year. Spring is a terrific time to visit a multitude of state parks—try fishing at White River or enjoy a drive along the Talimena Scenic Byway.

For some, summer is the most ideal time of year for Arkansas vacations while others feel it's the hardest to contend with. Arkansas travel during the summer months will bring you head on with extremely hot, humid temperatures reaching into the high nineties. This can make it very uncomfortable when visiting some attractions, especially outdoor sights. There is slight reprieve in the northwestern region with temperatures averaging 77 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lowlands can be anywhere in the low eighties. Typically the highland areas are cooler than the lowlands, with evenings bringing a welcome breeze in the summer months. If you like the heat, this is the time for you! Expect lakes and lake lodging to be buzzing with activity.

As with several other states in America, fall brings with it some of the best weather conditions and events for Arkansas travel. Fall is one of the most ideal Arkansas seasons for a vacation, rivaling the vibrancy of spring's blooms with incredible, vivid fall foliage most beautiful throughout the mountains. Scarlet, gold, orange, and violet are only a sampling of the colors of the landscapes throughout the state. Hiking, fishing and scenic drives are great in the fall. Fall festivals and fairs run rampant, from Little Rock to Heber Springs and beyond. Music festivals, food festivals, arts and crafts fairs, and much more attract thousands of visitors looking to celebrate the best of autumn.

Arkansas seasons have a lot to do with determining the best time to visit, not only for the weather but also for the many special events occurring all over the state. There are also ideal times of year to take Arkansas vacations when you aim to explore the many wonderful, statewide attractions. From spring festivals to fall fairs to the best of lakes and camping in the summertime, Arkansas offers a wealth of wonderful events and attractions in every season. All you have to do is decide what's best for you.

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