Arcata California
Arcata California  Image: Arcata Chamber of Commerce

Arcata CA is a Humboldt County college town that can be found along the Redwood North Coast. Approximately eight miles south is the city of Eureka, while larger San Francisco is found nearly 280 miles to the south. Arcata’s local college, or university, as it is, goes by the name of Humboldt State University. It is the California State University system’s northernmost campus. Also contributing to the character to Arcata is its 1800s architecture, the rather progressive ideals of the city’s residents, and the natural beauty of the general area. The city lies on the northern shores of scenic Humboldt Bay, and mountains from the Coast Ranges rise up to the near east.

The Plaza & Farmers Market

Generally referred to as the heart of Arcata, the Plaza has long been one of the city’s main focal points. Back in the 1850s, goods that were to be delivered to the Trinity County mines were loaded onto mule trains at this central square. Over time, however, it became more of a park and general meeting center. It is also Arcata’s main events center. Local Fourth of July celebrations are held at the Plaza, for example, and the square also play’s host to the largest farmer’s market in Humboldt County. April through November is the farmer’s market season. Among the features of the Plaza are green lawns, flower plantings, and a centrally located statue of President McKinley. Surrounding the Arcata Plaza are restaurants, coffee shops, bars, stores, and restaurants, so there is always something to do when in the area.

Redwood National Park

When Arcata visitors aren’t spending time at the Plaza, admiring the city’s Victorian architecture, taking in a show at the historic Minor Theater, or enjoying any other number of city-based activities, they can venture off to nearby Redwood National Park. Together with the Redwood State Parks that can be found in the same region, this park helps protect nearly 50 percent of the remaining California redwood old-growth forests. California redwoods are the tallest trees on the planet and have massive trunks. Also found within the boundaries of the Redwood National and State Parks are other indigenous flora and fauna, rivers, grassy prairies, and miles of pristine coastline.

Hotels & Lodging

Arcata Hotels
Arcata Hotels  Image: Best Western

Travelers who are looking to include an Arcata visit on their California vacation itineraries can choose from a wide variety of accommodation options once they arrive in town. Highly affordable motels, reasonably priced hotels, and several bed and breakfasts can be found in and around town. Should the urge to expand the lodging horizons set in, there are other accommodation choices in such nearby towns as Eureka, Trinidad, Blue Lake, and McKinleyville. Regional RV parks can also serve the needs of travelers who are headed to the Arcata area, and there are campsites in Redwood National Park.

Top image: jodastephen (flickr)
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