California Beach Apartments

It’s not hard to understand why many visitors to California want to stay near a beach. The beaches in California are easily among the best beaches in the United States, and since there are miles and miles of them, you can stop virtually anywhere along the coast to enjoy a fun getaway. While there are plenty of great California beach resorts and beach hotels to choose from, those seeking something different when it comes to lodging will likely prefer a vacation rental. The California beach rentals are in good supply up and down the coast, so whether you want to do some whale watching in Fort Bragg or go surfing in Ventura, finding the right accommodations for your group shouldn’t be an issue. More often than not, a vacation rental in California will cost you more than a hotel will, but it’s well worth the cost, as the majority of the vacation rentals in the state are quite luxurious.

When attempting to select a vacation rental in California, you will find plenty in the way of variety. Single travelers, small groups, and couples will likely find that the California beach apartments are ideal for their needs, or perhaps a small cottage or bungalow will do. Some of the California beach apartments have more than one bedroom, so they can be rather spacious. For families and larger groups, there are plenty of multi-bedroom California beach house rentals as well, so it all depends on your specific wants and needs. Virtually every coastal community in California has beach rentals of some kind, so in addition to selecting the right dimensions, you can also find an ideal destination.

For those looking for California beach rentals near San Francisco, Stinson Beach, and Point Reyes are two great places to look just north of the city. To the south of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is also an ideal place to find coastal vacation rentals in the San Francisco area. In Central California, destinations like Morro Bay, Avila Beach, and Pismo Beach are among the top vacation spots, so they are excellent places to find California beach rentals as well. As you move along towards Los Angeles, the vacation rentals are in healthy supply, so you can look to places like Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach. Finally, those seeking California beach rentals in the San Diego area will have no shortage of options as well, so it just depends on which town or city most piques your interest. La Jolla, Coronado Island, and Oceanside are just a few San Diego County destinations where vacationers like to head.

When choosing a coastal vacation rental in California, you can opt for an apartment or condo, a cottage, a bungalow, or even a large house. As such, finding the right fit for your wants and needs shouldn’t be an issue. As mentioned, the majority of California beach rentals are rather luxurious, and are perfect if amenities and overall comfort are what you seek. Most, if not all of the beach rentals in the state have full kitchens, which is a considerable plus for families with kids or for those who want to prepare some of their own meals and snacks. In addition to a full kitchen, most of the vacation rentals also boast amenities such as luxurious bathrooms, cable TV, internet access, a DVD player, a CD player, and a private deck, patio, or balcony. It’s rare that a vacation rental in California will be smaller than a hotel room, so in addition to a list of great amenities, you will also enjoy added space. It’s not just the added space that helps to make the California beach rentals so popular with travelers, however, as added privacy is usually part of the deal as well.

The peak season for travel in California is the summertime. As such, those interested in booking a vacation rental in California during the summer months should book their stay in advance. This will help to ensure that you secure the property that you have in mind. Often times, the owners of the vacation rentals in California require that you stay for a minimum period of time, anywhere from few days to a week, so you will want to pay attention to that as well. There’s generally a little more flexibility with the California beach apartments, but you will want to look into all of the requirements before you sign on the dotted line. While summer is the peak season for tourism in California, Christmas and New Year’s also see increased travel, so you will also want to book well in advance if you plan to visit during the holidays. Of course, booking any sort of accommodations in advance is always recommended. Even if you wait until you arrive at your destination, you should still have luck finding a vacation rental in California due to the sheer number of choices.

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