California Cruises

California cruises offer an endless amount of options for cruise to and from California. California cruises from Hawaii are popular, as is a Disney cruise California or a California dinner cruise. Many California cruises also leave from various California ports headed for Mexico to destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel and Acapulco.

California cruises to Mexico usually leave from San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles. California cruises from these ports will usually offer the best deals, since these are the largest ports in California. All three of these ports also offer both short and long term parking for travelers who need to leave their car during their cruise. Trips can be as short as a three-night cruise to Baja from Los Angeles, to a full three or four weeks for a longer tour of the California and Mexico coastline.

California cruises from Hawaii are also a great way to combine travel between Hawaii and California with your vacation. Start sunning yourself right away with California cruises from Hawaii which tour Kona, Maui and some of the other smaller island of Hawaii, as well as ports in California. Due to the distance, these cruises are usually about two weeks long.

Taking a Disney cruise California is also a great way to travel to Disneyland. A Disney cruise California can be great fun for families traveling with children, in particular. Cruises are themed and will usually include accommodation, all-inclusive food during the cruise, and usually admission to the Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Many travelers also choose to stay close to shore and book a California dinner cruise. A California dinner cruise through the harbor off the coast of San Diego can be booked through the Hornblower line. San Francisco, Los Angeles and other port cities all offer dinner cruises for the most part throughout the year. It is a good idea to make your reservations well in advance of your trip for a dinner cruise.

It is also possible to book an around the world cruise leaving from California. A San Francisco cruise to New York for just over three months is one popular way to take a summer and see the world. Cruise ships making this trip around the world stop at ports in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Thailand, Africa and more. This can be an incredible way to see many of the most world’s biggest ports during a three month period.

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