California Family Resorts

California family resorts have one obvious thing in common. They all cater to families with their mix of accommodations and facilities. It isn’t all about the resorts themselves, however. California offers many different ways for families to stay busy, and the very best resorts in the state offer proximity to a number of great attractions.

Both Northern California and Southern California are full of interesting attractions that families can enjoy. In the north, for example, San Francisco offers such wonderful attractions as the Exploratorium and Golden Gate Park, and Santa Cruz has beautiful beaches to go with its boardwalk amusement park. In the south, Los Angeles entices with its Universal Studios complex, among other things, and nearby Anaheim is where you will find the Disneyland Resort. These two main regions of California are also home to a number of family-friendly resorts, so families should have little trouble finding a good place to stay.

California Family Beach Resorts

California Family Beach Resorts
California Family Beach Resorts

The fact that it has so many great beaches is a big reason why the Golden State is ideal for family vacations. The most popular California beaches are those found in the southern region, and this has everything to do with the warmer weather and water temperatures. Places to find family-friendly resorts in Southern California include the Los Angeles area, Orange County, and the San Diego area. Examples of California family beach resorts in the south include the luxurious Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes (near LA), the also upscale Montage Laguna Beach, and the landmark Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. For those families who prefer heading to Northern California instead, examples of beach resorts to consider include the ritzy Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and the outstanding Bodega Bay Lodge. Both are found in the general San Francisco area. As a side note, families are encouraged to give such central coast destinations as Pismo Beach and Avila Beach a look when trying to find beachfront accommodations. They also have plenty of family-friendly appeal.

California Resorts with Water Slides

California Resorts with Water Slides
California Resorts with Water Slides

If there is one thing that pretty much all kids love, its riding down water slides, and there are several California family resorts that offer their own. These resorts tend to be found in the southern part of the state, with examples including the La Costa Resort & Spa, the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, and the Terranea Resort. All three can be found in the San Diego area. Should you be interested in more recommendations for California resorts with water slides, others that are also worth keeping in mind include the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa in Carlsbad and the Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Springs. There’s also the wonderful Wonder Valley Ranch Resort, which is actually found up north just minutes from Fresno, and it should be noted that construction has begun on a new Great Wolf Lodge back down in Orange County. For those who might not know, the Great Wolf Lodge brand of resorts is known for its family-friendly approach and the water park features that it installs in its properties.

California All Inclusive Family Resorts

California All Inclusive Family Resorts
California All Inclusive Family Resorts

California, unlike the Caribbean, doesn’t have a lot of all inclusive resorts. In fact, there are only a few resorts in California that are of the all inclusive variety. They include the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch, the Golden Door Resort, and the University of California Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center. Of these three, the family-friendly examples are the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch and the University of California Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center. The Golden Door is geared towards adults. You can find the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch up north on the Klamath River, and its all inclusive packages include a variety of activities, such as horseback riding and river rafting. As the name implies, the University of California Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center is found on the UCSB campus. Its all inclusive packages include suite style accommodations, all meals, and a variety of fun activities. Other California resorts offer special lodging packages from time to time, it should be mentioned, and while these packages might not be all inclusive, they can include all sorts of things, including family-friendly accommodations and a variety of activities.

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