California Hiking

Hiking - Yosemite Vally Floor Because of its fascinating and varying geology, a California trip can provide you with a fantastic hiking adventure. The hardest part about planning this vacation will be deciding where to go. Wherever you are in California, you are always close to excellent California hiking terrain.

When preparing for California hiking trips, be sure to have a check list of items you will need. Make sure that you include

  • long pants
  • sturdy hiking shoes
  • bug spray
  • water purifier
  • a flashlight
  • a water bottle
  • a day pack
  • rain gear
  • hiking socks

Depending on where and when you are taking your California hiking trip, you may need to bring along some long underwear and fleece clothing. A California map and maps of popular state parks can help you pick the best hiking destination near you.

If you to visit a Northern California hiking trail, you will be hiking in the area that extends from the San Francisco Bay to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Those of you who wish to tackle a long distance Northern California hiking trail will enjoy the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail begins at the northern end of Kings Canyon National Park and finishes at the Oregon border. The Pacific Crest Trail makes its way through Yosemite National Park as well as the wilderness areas along the rugged northern Sierra Nevada Range. Then, when, the trail heads west, it passes the volcanoes in the Southern Cascade Range. It reaches a grand finale in the Siskiyou Mountains.

If you would prefer a shorter Northern California hiking trail, take a look at the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country trails. Come spring, California's wine country comes alive with the smell of newly grown grapes. In the fall, the rich reds rosés and golden tones can be found in your wine glass and on the trees along the Northern California hiking trail.

Some of the best Southern California hiking trails are located in Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains. For a real treat, visit Santa Catalina Island. Don't be discouraged when you first embark from the boat. You will see a large number of shops and inns. However, on the Western part of Santa Catalina Island, you will see no signs of civilization; just endless miles of beautiful sea side hiking trails.

The Grotto is another excellent Southern California hike. The Grotto Trail gradually descends into a rock canyon whose floors are composed of giant boulders. A pool which is fed by a stream runs underneath the rocks. The hike to Sycamore Canyon Falls is also a beautiful California hike. It meanders through the meadows to a windmill. Then, it goes over the ridge and down into the canyon. Once you reach them, you will be overwhelmed by the sight of the falls.

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