California Rafting

Are you planning a California rafting trip? California has a large number of rivers that are suitable for every rafting skill. In case you are not familiar with the river classifications, here are some descriptions. If you are new to the sport, you will want to find Class I interspersed with Class II rapids. The waves are 1-2 feet high. Using a self-guided watercraft is an option. These rivers are best for young children and tentative adults. The Coloma Valley has many Class I and Class II rivers where you can raft through gentle rapids as well as calm pools. The Coloma Valley passes between high rolling hills and gentle meadow. The meandering river passes by oak tree groves; alder and cottonwood trees. Along the way, you will see wild blackberry bushes on the riverside. This would be a relaxing and enjoyable California rafting trip.

More confident California rafting novices may seek out Class I and Class II interspersed with Class III rapids. Generally, the waves are 2-3 feet high. Occasionally, passageways may contain a few obstacles. Rapids will be challenging but not overwhelming. The South Fork American River is appropriate for California white water rafting at this level. The South Fork River is located near the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Once you've mastered some of the basics of California River rafting, try some of the rivers with Class I - III water that are interspersed with occasional Class IV rapids. These rivers feature waves and drops 4 feet high and sometimes higher. A few difficult passageways may contain some obstacles. Be aware! Falling out of the raft in these rivers can be a challenging swim! The Merced River near Fresno is suitable for this skill level. Since its headwaters are in Yosemite, you can combine your white water rafting California trip with some hiking excursions.

Once you've reached the intermediate/advanced stage of California River rafting, you are ready for rivers with Class I - IV water and more challenging Class IV+ rapids. White water rafting California can be an exhilarating experience! There will usually be 4-5 foot waves and drops that often become more complicated by difficult passages that contain a number of obstacles. These might require quick, precise maneuvering. If by chance you fall out of the raft, swimming in rapids is difficult. However, if your white water rafting California skills are up to par, the Kaweah River located near Sequoia National Park is perfect for your California river rafting trip.

When you reach advanced status, rivers with Class I - IV+ water interspersed with long, tumultuous Class V rapids might suit your fancy. Here you will find 5-8 foot drops and obstacles that definitely need to be avoided. The Cal-Salmon River in Northern California offers Class V rapids that run through narrow canyons and tight chutes. These types of trips provide non-stop excitement for white water rafting California enthusiasts.

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