Carmel CA

Carmel is set on the blissfully empty, wind swept Central Coast of California, where golden wildflowers blanket the coastal bluffs in the spring, and large boulders dot the sand.

Resting on the rise over the coastal shores, Carmel California is known for having a one of a kind ambience. This quiet town has small museums and charming shops to explore. A good drive from most population centers and hugging the coast is a place of respite for the well-heeled owners of the expensive real estate that covers much of Carmel.

The Carmel area of Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula is an area filled with Marine life and dramatic coastal views. San Luis Obispo, at the southern end of the Big Sur area is where is somewhere in between the two extremes of the hot, sunny beaches of Southern California and chilly waters and strong currents of the wave battered Northern Coast.

Carmel Street Shopping

Walking along one of the many coast hiking trails, wildlife watching from the empty shores beside Carmel CA is a scenic and relaxing outdoor activity. In the month of January, you might see a California Gray Whale as it migrates. In April or May, you can also watch them as they return with their new calves from the birthing and mating grounds down south.

Birdwatchers should bring their binoculars and be on the look out for one of the 250 animal and birds species that live in the area if the Point Lobos State Reserve, which is easily from Carmel. Just drive two miles south on Highway 1. It is open daily in the summer from 9am to 6:30 pm, and the entrance fee is $8 per vehicle, $4 for seniors and $1 trail maps, quite a reasonable price for prime wild life viewing in a beautiful coastal park.

You might want to spend a weekend relaxing by this tranquil, empty shoreline, and there is no lack of excellent Carmel accommodation. With quaint bed and breakfast, charming coastal inns, the fine choices of lodging in Carmel California rewards the visitor with comfort and beauty.

The Cypress Inn is one of the most comfortable Carmel Hotels. All year round, you will find guests enjoying the convenient location and home-like atmosphere of a fine Carmel accommodation. Carmel CA is a pedestrian paradise; you will enjoy relaxed strolls through the wide, unpaved streets. There are coffee shops, art galleries, and excellent restaurants. Pet lovers will agree that this is animal friendly lodging in Carmel California, since don't have to leave their pets at home when they stay as a guest.

The Carmel Inn & Suites is an excellent Carmel accommodation. The affordable Carmel Inn and Suites offer spacious rooms inside a two-story inn. A stay in one of this Carmel Hotels 8 spacious suites that are on the second level of this rewards guests with great views of the Pacific Ocean and the Point Lobos State Reserve to the south.

If you are looking for family friendly lodging in Carmel California the Carmel Inn and Suites will not disappoint. This Carmel Hotels rooms are elegantly appointed, with European furnishings with relaxed countryside charm. Schedule an aromatherapy or a facial if you enjoy pampering, and lie back, savoring the comfort of Carmel.

Aside from the town center, visitors come here to admire the pristine beaches. California beaches range from the cold strong currents and sheer cliff faces of the Northern Coast to the idyllic shores of Southern California beaches. The area around the Golden Gate Bridge sees constant fog covering parts of its dramatic profile. An overnight visit to Carmel will show you what life is like for the warm, friendly people that live in this lovely part of California.

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