Monterey Golf Courses

Golf in Carmel and Monterey
Golf in Carmel and Monterey

For many people, the simple mention of the Monterey Peninsula invokes images of the most challenging and prestigious California golf courses. Each of cities in this area has at least two courses, which makes it easy to find tee times. Whether you are looking for an economical public golf courses or luxury private golf resorts, you will surely find a course to fit your needs. Not only are there courses to fit any budget, in the Carmel and Monterey area, there are California golf courses for every playing level. The spectacular views and natural scenic wonders that surround the golf courses make the Carmel and Monterey area excellent locations for a superb California golf vacation.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make a California vacation is to visit a California golf vacation resort. These resorts usually offer a variety of useful amenities, which can include the use of a full service lodge. Each golf resort has a slightly different focus. Some focus more on the total golf experience, while others are more focused on improving their guest's golf game. If you have friends who desire the same kind of California golf vacation, it is sometimes very cost-effective to put together a golf travel group.

The golf travel group concept has become a pretty competitive idea in the California golf vacation industry. As a result, with each company trying to offer more perks than the other, it's a buyers market. Some California golf vacation companies will even develop a web page for your golf travel group. Your group members can go online and post the trip itinerary as well as photos of their California golf vacation.

If you are entrepreneurial and persuasive, you may possibly end up with a free or discounted California golf vacation. Many California golf vacation companies allow group organizers a number of great benefits. These can range from free accommodations, reduced transportation costs or other excellent perks.

If you are planning a corporate meeting a large corporate meeting or other big golf event, you would probably prefer to have an outside company deal with the details. According to their website, the Cramer Consulting Company in Santa Rosa California works closely with meeting planners who are organizing a golf travel group. Their goal is to design a golf vacation that easily combines work, golf and spa. They work with some of the top golf resorts in California.

Don't forget to ask your group if they are interested in setting up a California Golf Tournament. It's an excellent way to encourage camaraderie and corporate spirit. There are also a number of well-known PGA California Golf Tournaments you may want to attend. Check the schedule on PGA's website.

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