Carmel Valley Wineries

Carmel Valley wineries produce an array of notable varietals. The area climate is especially favorable for red varietals, including cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Sauvignon blanc also performs well in the Carmel Valley region, and as is true throughout California in general, high quality zinfandel is a major staple. Thanks to the rather prolific production of the Carmel Valley wineries, Carmel Valley has its own official wine appellation. It is one of seven appellations in Monterey County’s wine country.

Carmel Valley Vineyards

Carmel Valley Vineyards
Carmel Valley Vineyards

The Carmel Valley vineyards are nestled in the lofty Santa Lucia Mountains away from the fog and mist that often enshroud the nearby coast. This explains why you’ll often hear area residents using the word “sunny” when referring to Carmel Valley and Carmel Valley Village. Hot summer afternoons, the kind that lend themselves especially well to the production of red varietals, are another aspect of the area climate. As is true of so many California vineyards, the Carmel Valley vineyards offer beautiful scenery to go with their favorable wine-producing climate and notable vintages. This only adds to the allure of Carmel Valley wine tours.

Carmel Valley Wine Tours

Carmel Valley Wine Tours
Carmel Valley Wine Tours

A 20-minute drive from the coast, Carmel Valley Village is less than one mile from one end to the other, yet it boasts nearly 20 wineries. Many, if not all, of these wineries offer their own tasting rooms. A perfect example is the romantic Chateau Julien Wine Estate. While guided Carmel Valley wine tours can be arranged throughout the general region, the fact that you can easily walk from one winery to the next within Carmel Valley Village means that a guide isn’t necessarily needed.

Various inns and lodges are just a short stroll from the Carmel Valley wineries and can be ideal bases for wine tours. You can also consider staying at an actual vineyard. The immaculate Bernardus Lodge and Winery in Carmel Valley offers luxurious accommodations that feature such delights as fireplaces, feather beds, oversized tubs, and “wine grotto” mini bars. Upon arrival at the Bernardus Lodge, guests are even treated to wine and cheese welcomes.

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