Avalon Catalina Island

Avalon Catalina Island
Avalon Catalina Island  Image: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

Avalon Catalina Island is the only incorporated city on this channel island of the California archipelago. It constitutes about three square miles and is mainly a pedestrian destination. You will not see many cars on the roads of Avalon, and there is a more than ten year wait list to drive one on the island. Most people just tool around in golf carts. You can rent them and residents of the island often use them as their primary means of transportation. Many of the best things to do in Avalon Catalina revolve around Avalon Bay, the harbor, and the beautiful beaches. Most of the retail businesses are located along Crescent Street in Avalon California. The pedestrian streets are lined with ornate fountains, perfectly manicured palm trees and landscaping, and lots of restaurants to eat, drink, and enjoy the wonderful weather along Avalon Harbor.

The central landmark and one of the most popular attractions in Avalon Catalina Island is the Catalina Casino, located on the north end of the harbor. The beautiful Art-Deco and Mediterranean architecture makes it one of the most photographed attractions on Catalina Island. The beautiful structure now houses a movie theater, museum, and dance hall. North of the casino you will find the private Descanso Beach, and north of this is Hamilton Cove, a gated community in Avalon California. Tourists will find many more activities and attractions available to them south of the bay.

Lovers Cove is south of Avalon Harbor and features a dive park where you can experience the exhilaration of scuba diving, snorkeling, or glass-bottom boat tours. The shipwrecks that create artificial reefs and the natural reefs afford rare glimpses of exotic sea life. You can take cruises from Avalon Catalina Island to explore areas of the coastline and see everything from whales and dolphins to sea otters and flying fish. Some of the most popular things to do in Avalon Catalina involve the beautiful coastal waters. The island is a veritable paradise for diving and deep sea fishing enthusiasts, and golfers, hikers, and campers will find no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the best the island has to offer.

Most of Catalina Island is reserved as a nature conservancy and Avalon California (the southern most city in Los Angeles County) is the primary area for tourist activity. Two Harbors is at the northwestern part of the island and also offers camping, hiking, and opportunities to see wildlife, but most of the dining, shopping, and general activities are centered around Avalon Catalina Island. You would be missing out if you did not just take time to walk around the waterfront, enjoying the sights and sounds of the harbor.

Avalon Hotels

Avalon Hotels
Avalon Hotels

As a popular resort destination and California’s only coastal island, Avalon has plenty of guest accommodations, including hotels and various vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there is something that will appeal to everyone. If you are still looking for things to do in Avalon Catalina, you can kayak, zip line, tour the interior, or take helicopter tours of the island. You can also enjoy a relaxing night of casual or fine dining and fun entertainment. The climate is generally agreeable year round and spring, summer, and fall are prime times for golf, fishing, and beach activities.

Image: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce
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