Catalina Island Boat Rentals

Catalina Island boat rentals come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. You can certainly rent a motorboat or even charter a private Catalina Island yacht, but not everyone realizes that it is also possible to rent a variety of other, easy-to-maneuver crafts that just about anyone can use. There are small skiffs with motors, pedal boats, and paddle boards, all of which provide a different experience on the water. Catalina Island boat charters are most commonly used for fishing and diving, but you may just want to leisurely tool around the island at your own pace, stopping off wherever you would like. If this is the case, it may be advisable to rent small skiff or pedal boat and set sail on your own journey.

You can find Catalina Island boat rentals at the Green Pier in Avalon Bay and at the Catalina Island Recreation and Dive Center near Two Harbors. You will want to directly contact the private company if you are interested in chartering a Catalina Island yacht for your own personal purposes. As mentioned before, some of the most popular Catalina Island boat charters are those that carry passengers into the rugged Pacific waters for a taste of some amazing sport fishing. You only have to travel an hour or so by ferry or cruise ship from Long Beach, Marina del Rey, or San Pedro to be enjoying some top deep sea fishing. King mackerel, yellowtail tuna, giant sea bass, halibut, and sardines are just a few of the sea creatures that you may find hung up on the end of your line in these waters.

Other people take advantage of Catalina Island boat charters so that they can scuba dive and snorkel in the very best locations. If you are not so keen on the idea of diving, you can also enjoy the majestic underwater landscape of the natural and artificial reefs on Catalina Island glass bottom boats. These represent a very popular tourist activity on the island and glass bottom boat tours run regularly throughout the peak travel season of May through the end of October. For scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, you can look forward to an amazing experience in these crystal blue, temperate waters. One of the most amazing things about Catalina Island is the year round, Mediterranean climate. This means that you will have the opportunity to enjoy activities and attractions on the island for most of the year. It drops down in temperature a bit in the winter and the tourist activity is not nearly as busy as during the late spring to early fall, but Catalina Island boat rentals are still available and there are plenty of places to eat and stay.

There are many boats bobbing up and down in the harbor at Catalina Island. It is fun during the warm months to just sit at one of the restaurants or bars or walk along the waterfront watching the boats come in and out of the bay. You will have no problem finding the kind of craft that suits the needs of your group.

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