Catalina Island Events

The Catalina Island events calendar is filled with fun activities and festivals throughout the year. As you look at the schedule of annual events, you will notice that there are Catalina Island festivals that celebrate just about everything, from jazz and Swing Dance to food and wine. Unique celebrations like Buccaneer Days Catalina Island provide a distinctive, party experience for anyone paying a visit in early October and complements more refined events like the Catalina Island Spring Arts Festival and the Two Harbors Wine Festival. No matter where your specific areas of interest lie, you are likely to find something that appeals to you and yours on your vacations to Catalina Island.

The Catalina Island Jazz Festival (also commonly referred to as the Catalina Jazz Dance Festival) is a favorite event held in the middle of November at the Catalina Island Casino Ballroom in Avalon. This distinctive event is one of the most popular of all the Catalina Island festivals during the fall months. It is a celebration of the some 100-year heritage of swing dance and features dances from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, as well as live music at night. During the day the Casino Ballroom converts into the perfect place for dance workshops at the Catalina Island Jazz Festival. If you are planning to travel to Catalina Island around this time of year, this would be a great event to check out. The music and dancing is virtually nonstop for the duration of the weekend event.

As previously mentioned, Buccaneer Days is one of the most highly anticipated events on Catalina Island for visitors who are interested in boating and partying. People dress in all manner of pirate costumes and troll Two Harbors in search of dark rum and other booty including icy cold beverages and large dance parties on-deck. This is not one of the Catalina Island events that are for the faint of heart. Only serious partiers should show up for these festivities in the beginning of October.

Spring is a fantastic time for Catalina Island festivals as well. April brings the Catalina Island Spring Art Festival to Crescent Street where artists sell everything from paintings to photographs to crafts. Spring Fest is held at the beginning of May and is a popular gathering for people of all ages to enjoy drinks, food, games, and lots of fun, family-friendly activities. The annual Silent Film Benefit and the Avalon Ball are two more appealing Catalina Island events in the spring.

Summer opens the door to Catalina Island festivals like Flying Fish Festival, the Taste Around Avalon, and the Two Harbors Wine Festival. There also conveniently happen to be day camps for children during these same dates for those parents interested in getting some time for relaxation and pursuing their own interests during the day. The Two Harbors Wine Festival is one of the most alluring of the Catalina Island events. It is only a modest fee to take the Catalina Express from Avalon to Two Harbors, where you will be treated to a vast variety of fine wine as well as a broad selection of gourmet food.

Other popular events on Catalina Island include the Kid’s Fishing Derby (June to August), the FREE Live Concert on the Waterfront in September, and the annual Halloween Parade. The array of things to do and events to enjoy on Catalina Island is hopping enough that any time of year, the island has something to offer.

Image: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce
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