Catalina Fishing

Catalina fishing has been one of the mainstay activities on this island since well before it became developed as a resort vacations destination. As far as fishing goes, nothing has changed even as 1 million people visit Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California every year. The natural habitat of coves, beaches, and natural and artificial reefs makes for an amazing diversity of sea life. Whether you plan to take your own boat out or take advantage of one of the Catalina fishing charters, you are bound to snag something that will make either a great trophy or an amazing meal. Anglers of all skill levels and interests can enjoy deep sea fishing on Catalina Island, as well as fishing from Green Pleasure Pier and other places along the coastline, or even underwater spear fishing. It is not difficult to see why Catalina has become reputed as one of the birthplaces of big game and sport fishing.

One of the great things about Catalina fishing is that there are so many places from which to fish. Whether you want to pack up your gear and fish off of one of the secluded stretches of coastline or charter a boat to catch a specific kind of fish, your bases are covered. Most of the deep sea fishing on Catalina Island involves taking a chartered boat out from Avalon Bay. From there you will have access to everything from the abundant smelt and sardines to tuna, mackerel, and halibut. If you are so inclined, you can even schedule a trip to go deep sea fishing on Catalina Island at night to catch the infamous sword fish or sharks. With so many different options for how and where to fish, you can be confident that everyone in your group will be able to find something that appeals to them.

Everyone needs a sea water fishing license to fish on Catalina Island. If you are reserving one of the Catalina fishing charters, they will take care of the formalities. If you are planning on just fishing on your own, you can obtain a license from the general store in Two Harbors as well as at a variety of locations around the ports.

People are oftentimes surprised to find out just how many kinds of fish you can bag in the waters off of Catalina Island. Albacore, yellowfin tuna, giant sea bass, and amberjack are just a few of the game fish that you can expect to find, and eat if you would like. The reefs not only make for perfect environment for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, but also for smaller fish that attract larger game fish. If you end up deciding to take reserve one of the Catalina fishing charters, you will have the advantage of a captain and first mate to help bait the lures, and generally take of the entire day, leaving you to sit back and relax and focus on catching fish. It can be a little pricey to take a boat out for the full day, but the price becomes much more reasonable when split between a group of friends. Catalina fishing is exciting whether from the shore, knee deep in tidal waters, or on the high seas.

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