Helicopter Tours

Catalina Island helicopter tours offer a unique way to take in the scenic beauty of Southern California’s most famous island. While in the air, passengers on these tours are treated to wonderful views of the island’s rugged coastlines. They also get a comprehensive look at the rather isolated interior of the island. The highest point on Catalina Island is 2,097 feet, so there is plenty of topographical appeal to savor. Also, when viewing the open water that surrounds the island from on high, it is sometimes possible to spot dolphins and whales.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Tours

The Santa Catalina helicopter tours that originate on the island itself depart from the island’s only city of Avalon and typically last around 30 minutes. Generally speaking, they can accommodate anywhere from one to six passengers. Passenger weight will ultimately decide just how many people can get on board. Once the helicopter is airborne, passengers are treated to spectacular views from the comfortable cabin. Experienced pilots provide narration while pointing out the island’s natural features. Passengers will also get an aerial view of the island’s manmade features, which include the Catalina Casino. Tours can be customized to fit customer needs. Another option is to fly to Catalina Island via helicopter. Trip time is about 15 minutes, with the Long Beach airport and San Pedro being the mainland points of embarkation. While the helicopter flights from mainland California to Catalina Island are essentially just a means of getting to and from the island, they can serve as tours as well, especially since they tend to offer brief air tours over the island. Prices vary, and special Catalina Island helicopter flight and tour packages are available. The package deals can include such other things as a glass bottom boat trip and a narrated walking tour of the Catalina Casino.

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