Catalina Island Transportation

Catalina Golf Cart Rental
Catalina Golf Cart Rental

A Catalina golf cart rental provides the perfect way to get around this island situated 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles, California. Santa Catalina Island transportation is largely limited to golf carts and vehicles that can transport groups of people such as ferries and tour buses. There is a nearly fifteen-year wait list for people who wish to own a car on Catalina Island, so car rentals are not really a big thing here. Most people do not distress about the inability to use a car, but rather see it as an opportunity to escape from the humdrum of city traffic and congestion in LA and other parts of southern California. There is no Catalina Island car rental, but you will have no problem finding bicycle rentals, golf cart rentals, ferries, trolleys, and more.

Santa Catalina Island is one of the Channel Islands of the California archipelago. The island began being developed as a tourist destination and resort location as early as the 1890s when Los Angeles was experiencing a major population boom. Since then, the island has come to be a popular destination for vacations, both for residents of mainland California as well as visitors from around the world. Around 1 million people visit Catalina Island every year.

There are many things to do and attractions to enjoy that do not require serious planning when it comes to Catalina Island transportation. Many folks walk around the vicinity of their hotels they are staying in, whether in Two Harbors or Avalon, while many others, both residents and visitors, employ the use of golf carts to troll around the island exploring the various sights. There are actually several places spread throughout the island where you can secure a Catalina golf cart rental. The island itself is only about 22 miles long by eight miles wide, making it possible to get around with ease in golf carts, bicycles, and by foot. There are also plenty of places to rent bicycles and safety gear to go along with them. You need to register for a permit with the Catalina Island Conservancy to declare the parts of the island you intend to visit. There is a nominal fee for mountain biking and there is no charge for hiking the island. The only exception for this rule is in Avalon, the only part of the island that is open to the public without any restrictions. You can also arrive on flights into the small airport here, located at the top of a 1,600-foot mountaintop, ten miles from Avalon.

If your preferred method of Catalina Island transportation is your own two feet, you will be able to take in much more of the raw, natural beauty of the island that has made it so popular with millions of visitors over the years. If you are primarily walking, but need the services of an automobile to get to dinner or a destination of interest, you can always call a taxi from Catalina Transportation Services. There are two trolleys that operate all day during the summer and during restricted hours during the off-season. Most hotels offer some sort of shuttle bus service and there are always taxis waiting at boats for people to disembark. There are also sightseeing tours of the island in very comfortable motor coaches and open-air trams.

If you plan to tool around the island at your own speed and take your vacation at a relaxing pace, you may just want to look into a Catalina golf cart rental. This is the easiest way to get around the island besides walking.

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