Two Harbors Catalina Island

Two Harbors Catalina Island
Two Harbors Catalina Island  Image: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

Two Harbors Catalina Island is a small resort village with only about 300 full-time residents. It is located at the isthmus toward the northern end of Catalina Island. Although a greater number of the approximately million people that visit Catalina Island every year make Avalon (the three-square-mile center of tourist activity) their final point of destination, there are also a plethora of things to do in Two Harbors. Whether you are interested in Two Harbors fishing, hiking, snorkeling, or scuba diving, you are guaranteed to find something that appeals to everyone in your group. Two Harbors offers areas for camping, one restaurant, one general store, and one hotel. You can also rent a wide variety of water sports-related gear and equipment at the Two Harbors Dive and Recreation Center.

One of the most popular activities available to visitors is Two Harbors fishing. You can take your own boat from the mainland, charter a boat from the mainland or on the island, or rent skiffs right at Two Harbors. In fact, the Two Harbors Dive and Recreation Center has equipment, gear, and skiffs altogether in one convenient place. You will have the option of choosing between kayaks that have holsters for fishing rods or motorized boats. Shore fishing and underwater spear fishing are also available. Two Harbors fishing gives you the opportunity to catch sea bass, yellow tail, mackerel, halibut, and that is just the very beginning. The artificial and natural reefs make for even more exciting sport fishing and lend to why this sport is one of the most popular things to do in Two Harbors.

For many of the same reasons that fishing is a favorite pastime, so to is scuba diving. The crystal blue waters make for excellent visibility, many times between 50 and 100 feet. Temperatures accommodate scuba divers and snorkelers and range anywhere between 55 and 72 degrees, depending upon the time of year and weather on Two Harbors Catalina Island. You can also rent gear and equipment for all of your scuba diving and snorkeling needs from the Two Harbors Dive and Recreation Center.

Two Harbors Catalina
Two Harbors Catalina

There are public facilities on this part of the island, including BBQ grills, picnic tables, and areas designated for Two Harbors camping. The campground offers cabins that sleep up to six people and regular plots for tents. There are over 40 individual campsites and three larger group camping areas. Rangers on duty sell charcoal, propane, and generally, create a much more convenient experience. You will not even need to worry about going into town to the general store except to buy whatever food you are cooking, unless that is you are catching dinner fresh.

Other popular things to do in Two Harbors include kayaking, bicycling, hiking, and tennis. There is truly something that will appeal to everyone and you can always explore the interior of the island to see the buffalo and eagles or take a day trip to Avalon. Two Harbors Catalina Island provides something of a different experience that the more tourist-centric Avalon, and is great for family adventures and exciting getaways.

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