Catalina Island Packages

Catalina Island Vacation Packages
Catalina Island Vacation Packages

Catalina Island packages can help to reduce the cost of your trip if you are planning a getaway to this popular vacation destination in Southern California. There are a wide variety of Catalina Island vacation packages to choose from that include incentives and savings for hotels, transportation, and tours. The island is especially popular from May to October, so taking advantage of Catalina Island hotel deals during these months has everything to do with preparation. Accommodations fill up much more quickly during this time so you will want to make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Make sure to check the booking tool on this page, which will help you compare deals across a number of popular travel sites.

The nature of the trip you are planning will largely inform which Catalina Island packages you will be choosing from. If, for example, you are a couple in need of a romantic getaway, there are Catalina Island vacation packages built specifically for two. There is a package that includes two nights at one of the beachfront hotels, two round-trip tickets to the island from Long Beach or Dana Point, two tickets to the movie of the week at the amazing Catalina Island Casino Theater, as well as free admission to a range of the island’s most popular tours. This package can help you to realize significant savings on the overall cost of your trip. This type of package is not necessarily always available during the peak tourist travel season. The same kinds of packages are available for beach houses as well.

You can also save money with specific Catalina Island hotel deals. For instance, Hotel Metropole offers a spa treatment package along with reservations to the hotel. The Hermosa Hotel also runs a variety of package deals throughout the year, including admission to the semi-submersible tours, zip lining expeditions, and much more. It really just depends upon what you are interested in doing on your trip. Generally, just about everything is priced 15 to 20 percent higher on the island, so the best way of trimming money off the cost of your trip is by planning in advance and trying to take advantage of available Catalina Island vacation packages.

Catalina Island Vacation
Catalina Island Vacation

Some of the most exciting things to do on Catalina Island involve tours and excursions. Zip lining, scuba diving, glass bottom boat tours, and inland motor tours are just a few of the most popular activities available. If you are planning to bring your family or a group of friends along, it is highly advisable to look into packages just for the sake of saving money on tours alone. Once you get on the island you are going to want to try out at least a few of them. You may as well save money where it is possible.

There are a few different outlets where you can find out about current Catalina Island packages, and specifically Catalina Island hotel deals. The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is a great place to start, and the guest services staff at your hotel should be more than happy to help finalize plans once you are on the island. If you plan smartly, you can keep more of your vacation budget in your pocket for having fun and exploring Catalina.

Catalina Vacations

Catalina Vacations
Catalina Vacations

Catalina vacations are not only popular for residents of Southern California and the surrounding areas, but also for people from around the country. It is indeed handy for Los Angeles residents to have such a beautiful island located just about 22 miles off of the coast of Long Beach.

A day trip to Catalina Island costs under $100 for a round-trip adult ticket. Ferries depart from a number of locations within Los Angeles County, including San Pedro, two locations in Long Beach, and Dana Point (near San Diego). For those people traveling to the island from other points around the country, you will likely fly into one of the Los Angeles County airports and then either take a ferry or small plane to Catalina, but you can also find cruises from port cities up and down the West Coast.

As you plan your Catalina Island vacation, you will begin to realize that there are virtually countless activities on the island. People travel to the island for scuba diving, amazing deep sea and reef fishing, kayaking and sailing, hiking, and camping. Catalina Island trips are rejuvenating to the senses and the spirit as nearly all of the activities center around nature, whether in the water, the island interior, or the hills and trails. However you plan to spend your Catalina Island vacation, you can be sure that you will have no problem finding plenty of things to do. Just about all of the things to do are easy to find from the main town of Avalon.

People have been going to Catalina Island with the express intention of scuba diving for decades. The waters surrounding this channel island of the California archipelago are chocked full of amazingly colorful and vibrant reefs, both natural and artificial, and divers and snorkelers with have the opportunity to see a whole host of marine life, from sharks and dolphins to eels and sea lions. There are also huge kelp forests, giant sea bass, yellowfin tuna, and much more.

Fishing is just as popular if not more so than scuba diving. You can plan an entire Catalina Island vacation around fishing these unbelievable waters. You have the opportunity to charter a boat, or if you have your own, you can take to the high seas on your own. If you do decide to charter a boat, you will have the ability to work with a captain on getting the fish you want. They know where to take you to find swordfish and lots of other exciting game fish.

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