Catalina Island Wedding

A Catalina Island wedding represents the epitome in romance and the fulfillment of sometimes months and sometimes years of dreams of an affordable destination wedding. Santa Catalina Island certainly is an enchanting destination and an idyllic location to stage your big day, and there are a lot of fun and romantic things to do. Catalina Island beach weddings are particularly popular among residents of the Southern California area. Affordable Catalina transportation, including ferries and helicopters, enables many couples to plan their wedding and remain hands-on as they deal with unforeseen things that come up along the way. If you are seriously considering celebrating the day of your wedding here, you should strongly consider taking advantage of the benefits and savings that come with Catalina Island wedding packages. Perhaps the main benefit of these packages is that you have the support and services of knowledgeable wedding planners.

There are a number of wedding services providers located on Catalina Island. You can arrange for Catalina Island beach weddings of all sizes, whether tiny and intimate or large. You can choose from private or beach locations. One of the main appeals of having a Catalina Island wedding is being able to conduct the services on the beach and most couples choose this variety to be sure. There are about as many wedding providers as there are varieties of Catalina Island wedding packages, so as you begin to advance with your plans, you are going to want to narrow your focus on companies that appeal to you. You essentially can have as much or as little control or the details as you want. You have the option of allowing the wedding planner to help with everything from flora arrangements, seating, music, and an official. Most wedding planners obviously also welcome your input. Which company you end up deciding to work with will largely depend upon if they offer the services you require and you feel comfortable working with them. You can also deal with them to help secure the perfect Catalina hotels or bed and breakfasts if you choose to have your honeymoon on the island as well. There are a number of beautiful beach hotels as well as many vacation rentals to choose from.

All you need to do to get married on Catalina Island, besides arranging for the myriad little details that go along with planning a wedding, is get a wedding license from the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office. Both people need to show up at least one hour before the office closes, fill out the forms, and then return to line to get them approved. After that you can get on with the fun part of planning out the wedding, the entertainment, and the reception. One of the appealing things about Catalina Island beach weddings is that you can roll the entire wedding and reception (and even the honeymoon) into one bundle. And it is not like many other weddings that people have in remote location that you have to fly hundreds of miles to get to. If you are a resident of Southern California or any of the surrounding areas, it is a relatively easy trip to get to the island.

It is difficult to imagine a much more romantic and idyllic setting for a wedding in Southern California than Catalina Island. The awe-inspiring vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the lush hills and flora of the island are sure to make for a perfect setting for your big day.

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