Central California Beaches

When you ride on highway 1, you will know what a perfect California beach is. Highway 1 is considered to be the loveliest stretch of highway in the entire country. This scenic area of the coastal redwood forests all the way down to Malibu takes you through a variety of impressive vistas.

One of the major California attractions south of San Francisco and the Bay Area is Monterey. This was the old Spanish capitol in California, so there is lots of history is this seaside village, making this a must see on your California coast travel. You can wander through the shops on the cannery, and explore the historic Wharf and marina. Learn more about the marine life and see a three-story kelp forest at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

This road alternates from winding through inland valleys to coming right up to the beach. Big Sur is wooded, with the coastal range coming right up to the water. The elevation is fairly low overall, so the hills and the cliffs just add to the scenic beauty.

One of the oldest and most picturesque part of the scenic drive on California Highway 1 is the Central Coast. This area spans from Pacifica, which is just south of San Francisco to the southern end of Big Sur. Get a fun rental car and get on the scenic Highway 1 that you will love to drive. This is the best way to experience California Coast travel.

Big Sur is a 30 miles stretch of coast just south of Carmel that is home to prime wildlife viewing at the Point Lobos State Reserve. This coastal park is where you can see Sea Lions lounging on the rocks, crabs scuttling through tide pools, and observe does of native and migrating birds.

Central Coast
Central Coast

Though many would think that bird watching is not a very exciting activity, when you do it in a setting like the lovely California beaches of the Central Coast, it's a whole new experience. Come equipped with a binocular and a camera to make the most out of the experience. In fact, between Monterey and Ventura, which is a Southern California Beach, there are 83 places for prime bird watching where you can observe over 300 different species.

If you don't want to leave just yet there is no lack of fine Big Sur lodging. One place you can stay in the area is the Ragged Point Inn. This Big Sur hotel has a trail to the ocean, and you can stop and have their great lunch, or stay for the night.

If you want to find the most luxurious Big Sur lodging, spend a night at the The Post Ranch Inn Is, which is right on Highway 1. With activities like Tai Chi, Yoga, and nature walks, your mind and body will be completely pampered at this Big Sur Hotels. The best Big Sur hotel is one that is just as impressive as the scenery outside. With features like an in-room hottub, your own terrace, a king seed bed, and real wood burning fireplace, this is one of the best Big Sur Hotels to enjoy comfort with nature as the main attraction.

This road twist and turns, hugging the coastal cliffs, which are a sandy brown color in late summer. In the spring and early summer, the hills above the coast is green and covered in wildflowers. You will want to park and just wander off into the green hills, but instead you opt to take in a few precious moments taking a few unforgettable pictures of a scenic California beach.

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