Central Valley

If you're on a California vacation, you will enjoy visiting places off the beaten path, and the Central Valley has quite a few of them. Most people have never heard of the Central Valley. Most people also don't know that 25% of America's food is produced here. While a visit to this area is not a typical part of a California vacation, it should not be missed, since this area represents the diversity of regions in the Golden State.

The Central Valley is like an enormous garden. Nestled between the mountain range that borders the Central Coast on the west and the Sierra Nevada and Mount Whitney to the East, the Central Valley is flat in comparison to its surroundings. The northern part of the Sacramento Valley is called the Sacramento Valley and the Southern Part, San Joaquin Valley.

There are no major tourist destinations, just 400 miles of verdant farmland and working class cities. This area is experiencing changes, however. The Central Valley is only a couple hours from the Los Angeles area, so people who work in the City of Angels are increasingly moving out to San Joaquin Valley to enjoy peace and wide open spaces they can't find anywhere in Southern California. This has resulted in an increase of subdivision housing and new developments. There is also an enormous Mexican American community in the area, many of whom which work illegally.

The major population center in this part of California is the city of Fresno, which is the largest city in the state that is not on the coast. With views of the foothills and the mountains beyond, rivers and tranquil lakes Fresno CA is a delightful city to visit. Fresno has a rich agricultural heritage is celebrated in various event and holidays, like the Fresno County Blossom Trail, which is held in the spring, and in the summer is the Fresno County Fruit Trail. From homegrown festivals to the biggest harvest celebration in California, Fresno CA is proud of its natural gifts and this is apparent in the lively festivities. Visitors who want to experience day-to-day life and experience a community feel will go to local events on their California tour.

Bakersfield California in another major city in the Central Valley. There is a strong art presence here in Bakersfield California, from the smaller art galleries to the Museum of Art. Musicians and artists like the artistic feel of the city, but so is California; especially the Central Coast, which would inspire even the most unimaginative painter. The graceful, elegant exterior of the downtown museum can be enjoyed from the street, or you can take a tour and admire the recent remodeling. Bakersfield California has a historic museum set on 16 attractive acres, which talks about the city's past at the Kern County Museum, and teaches you about traveling the scenic byways of Kern County.

Springtime in Kern County brings rushing rivers, perfect for white water rafting, and wildflowers that blanket the hills in vivid color. You should bring your camera along if you'd like to see wildflowers on your California tour. There are also a number of natural landmarks and hiking trails in the area. Some people who live in the area enjoy going to the Central Coast on their California vacation for wildlife watching, camping, and views of the ocean.

If you want to experience everyday life in a laid back town that is surrounded by peaceful farmland, you should included a visit to Central Valley on your California vacation.

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