Marina California

The stunning City of Marina California is an oceanfront city that stands proudly and majestically on the breathtaking Monterey Bay. It is located at six miles north of Monterey Bay, California on California State Highway 1, 108 miles south of San Francisco, 355 miles north of Los Angeles. The City of Marina California has an excellent location. Because of this, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The City of Marina, California fills 9,000 fruitful acres of land. It gracefully extends for five miles along the Pacific Ocean. You can approach the City from either of two harbors or three airports, all within 10 miles of the city.

The City of Marina, California was established in 1918. In the 1930s and 1950s, the area saw a considerable amount of growth and development. Throughout these years, schools, churches, businesses, a Community Center and residential homes were built. A prosperous community gradually began to evolve from this quiet rural setting. The City of Marina California was incorporated in November of 1975.

Marina, California was once home to Fort Ord. which was an army training base. Today, the 8,000 acres of the former base are now considered public land. However, because of its past as a military training base, the area now has an intricate system of trails that can be enjoyed on foot, bike or horse. Fort Ord is home to one of the largest maritime chaparral areas in all of California.

Marina, California is also famous for its fabulous dunes. Back in the 1950s, these Dunes were a major source for construction sand. Today, you can watch the amazing hang gliders depart for their aerial journeys on the cliffs which rise triumphantly above the Pacific Ocean. If you desire, you can go fishing, surfing, bird watching and whale watching activities to keep you entertained. The City of Marina, California is an ecologically sensitive region. It has the privilege of overlooking one of the largest marine sanctuaries in the Monterey Bay California.

The area that we now call the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and State Seashore was once the exclusive domain of the Ohlone peoples. The Ohlone was a tribe that inhabited much of the coastal region of California, especially the Monterey Peninsula. Seafood was an extremely important part of their diet.

Monterey Bay California sits like a jewel on the Pacific Coast. It is the ultimate marriage of land and sea. The best of both these elements unite to create an exquisite vision of natural beauty. You will find yourself astounded by the magnificent plant and animal life. Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins and Gray and Humpback Whales make Monterey Bay California. Do you remember the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? It was filmed at the Monterey Bay, California Aquarium.

Monterey Bay whale watching is a popular activity in Monterey Bay California. On a Monterey Bay whale watching vacation, you will be able to marvel at the abundance of whales that inhabit the Bay. Watch the magnificent acrobatics of the Humpback Whales. Giggle helplessly at their silly antics.

The Blue Whales in the Monterey Peninsula just happened to be the largest animal that has ever lived on the planet. This includes the dinosaur era. The Gray Whales who inhabit the Monterey Peninsula have the longest migration of any land or marine mammal on earth. They migrate south to the Monterey Peninsula in the winter and north to Alaska in the summer.



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