Colusa Casino

Colusa Casino visitors can enjoy a full range of games, including bingo. In fact, the Bingo Showroom's 750 seats are often full, as the bingo payouts total more than $500,000 on an average monthly basis. When you're not playing bingo at this Northern California casino, you can test your luck on the slots or see what's going on at the tables. There are no less than 850 slot machines at the Colusa Casino Resort, and poker is often the game of choice on the twelve different tables. Colusa Casino entertainment also includes comedy shows and live music performances, and you should have little trouble finding something to suit your taste between the four dining establishments.

Upon arrival at the Colusa Casino, you might look to join the Colusa Rewards Club, which is a common option at many California casinos. You can start racking up points with your card as soon as you start playing, and it doesn't cost anything to sign up. Once you start generating points with your Colusa Rewards Club card, you will be eligible to win all kinds of prizes. Generate enough points, and you can also start getting discounts on things like a room at the connected hotel.

If you're not a gaming enthusiast, worry not, as there are other Colusa Casino entertainment options. In addition to a comedy club, the Colusa Casino features a bar and grill where you can get some drinks, order something to eat off the full menu, watch a game on the big-screen TVs, or see how you fare at bar top video poker. Complementing the bar and grill is a main restaurant with a diverse menu, a buffet that also offers a wide range of dining choices, and a full-service snack bar. The bar and grill, it should be noted, is open 24 hours a day, which coincides with the fact that the casino itself is open 24 hours a day.

As its name would imply, the Colusa Casino can be found in Colusa, California. About an hour away by car to the southeast is the capital city of Sacramento. Should you be coming from the Bay Area, the drive takes about two hours. As such, many visitors from the big city opt to stay overnight at the casino's hotel instead of turning around and heading back home. This is an especially tempting proposition if you're planning a nighttime visit. In addition to tasteful rooms and suites that feature good amenities, the hotel at the Colusa Casino Resort features a spa and a fitness center. Friendly rates are part of the deal, especially if you book a standard room as opposed to a suite, and there are some interesting lodging packages that you might keep in mind. Most of the lodging packages feature things such as dining perks and casino credits.

During a stay at the Colusa Casino Resort, there will be a variety of ways to keep busy. A free shuttle links the hotel to the casino, so you don't have to worry about driving back and forth when some gaming action is what you crave. The free shuttles can also come in handy if you are planning on enjoying some of the other Colusa Casino entertainment offerings, such as the evening comedy shows and concerts. As for enjoying the great outdoors during your stay, it is possible to book all kinds of adventures. Perhaps you'll be interested in a riverboat tour or a fishing excursion. These are just two of the options for things to do on the side, and town of Colusa is in between the Lake Tahoe area and Napa Valley, meaning there are plenty of options for outdoor activities and wine-tasting as well.

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