California Destinations

California offers many possibilities for every sort of vacation you could hope for. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors and camping trips, long to go to excellent ski resorts or have a wild time at thrilling theme parks, California travel is a fun way to spend your next vacation.

With different attractions vying for your interest, you can enjoy an all-inclusive trip when you purchase a California travel package. Often, these are for places that see a lot of visitors, like theme parks and wineries. You can leave the details up to your travel agent so you can focus on enjoying your California tour.

Los Angeles Destinations
Los Angeles Destinations

Some of the biggest attractions in the country are in Los Angeles County. With kid- friendly attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios, you could make an entire family vacation out of a visit to Southern California alone.

Tours of California
Tours of California

California has more people living in it than any other US State, and is the third largest state in the country. With an economy that is more robust than all except a few countries in the world, California is big enough to be its own country. Entertainment and tourism forms the backbone of California's main industry, with farming in close second. Wines from the Napa Valley lead the nation in wine sales. What that translates to for the visitor is a heavenly California vacation.

Some of the most rare natural features such as tar pits, Geysers and sulfur pools can be found in California State Parks. There are natural landmarks all over the state, from the mist shrouded heights and Redwood forests of the rugged Northern Coast to the dizzying elevations of the biggest peak in the lower 48, Mt Whitney. You can enjoy the outdoors in anyway you like. You don't have to be rich to tour California wineries and the lush vineyards of Napa Valley, you can save a lot by booking a California vacation package for here or at the world class Ski Resorts of Lake Tahoe.

With some of the best rates on rental cars, you can take the initiative and tailor your California travel plans to fit your tastes and budget. California has some of the most unbelievable views through its mountain passes, especially the popular Yosemite. California has no lack of mountains. From the High Sierra to the coastal range, California mountains are places to hike, camp, fish, white water raft, ski, and snowboard, drawing visitors all year round to its scenic summits.

San Francisco Destinations
San Francisco Destinations

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of California travel is on this states Scenic Drives. Routes like State Highway 1 takes you through some major areas in Northern California with scenic landmarks like the famous hilly city by the Bay, foggy San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge the backdrop of an unforgettable leg of your road trip as you drive through the Bay Area.

To the south, charming seaside cities like Santa Cruz have small populations, but world class attractions and natural beauty that is unmatched. Migrating Gray whales, pristine nature preserves and freak waves from the Pacific that insane surfers actually dare to take on are some of the thing you will find along the coast non a California tour of the Big Sur region south of the Moneterey. The 17 Mile Drive and the Lone Cypress are two of the most frequented attractions on the Central Coast, as is the immaculate city of Carmel with its world class gold courses overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego Destinations
San Diego Destinations

With so many attractions, you can often hit a lot of different places, saving time and money with a California vacation package. Whether you're going to a theme park or touring a winery, California tour of the states attractions that include airfare and accommodations as well as admission to attractions takes a lot of hassle and confusion out of planning a vacation.

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