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Matterhorn Bobsleds
Matterhorn Bobsleds  Image: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

The Disneyland rides offer something for all ages and thrill levels, and you can only add to your options on a Disneyland Resort visit by considering the rides that can be found at California Adventure. Both theme parks definitely have their merits. In general, the rides are categorized by their height restrictions. The more thrilling rides tend to have higher height restrictions, while those that are relatively low on thrills may have no height restriction at all.

Germany Oktoberfest
Germany Oktoberfest

The main Disneyland rides are spread out over seven different areas. The eighth area, which is known as Main Town USA, is more of an entrance point, as well as a shopping and dining hub. As for the park's best rides, they include the ever-popular Space Mountain and its wetter counterpart, Splash Mountain. Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster that can be found in the Tomorrowland area, while Splash Mountain is a large water flume ride that calls the Critter Country area home. Both are big on thrills, so you might avoid them if you aren't feeling particularly courageous.

Indiana Jones Adventure
Indiana Jones Adventure

Other thrilling Disneyland rides that are not to be missed are Indiana Jones Adventure and Matterhorn Bobsleds. If you are in the company of kids or simply prefer a more relaxed experience, then you might prefer It's a Small World. This slow-moving ride sees guests floating down a peaceful river in a boat. Along the way, the boats pass hundreds of dolls that are singing along to the song "It's a Small World." Various scenes represent different areas of the world, such as the British Isles, Africa, and the United States.

Should you be spending some time at Disney's California Adventure Park during your Disneyland Resort escape, there will be plenty of great rides to get in line for. The rides in this park are also set in different themed areas, and they include the very popular The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. You'll explore the spooky environs of a deserted hotel on this ride, and once you board the elevator, you should be ready for some unsettling drops. More thrills can be had on the California Screamin' rollercoaster, which reaches speeds of approximately 55 miles per hour, and you can take a virtual tour of the Golden State while enjoying the simulated hang glider ride that is known as Soarin' Over California.

If you don't mind getting wet at California Adventure, then the Grizzly River Run ride is worth keeping in mind. After boarding an eight-person raft, Grizzly River Run guests take on a series of rapids during the eight-minute run around a man-made mountain called Grizzly Peak. As for California Adventure rides that are more appropriate for kids, the Heimlich Chew Chew Train is a fun train ride that is low on thrills and big on fun. There's also Toy Story Mania!, which is part game, part ride. You'll board a swiveling carnival car on this ride, and then it's off to test your skills in a number of fun midway-style games.

Between these rides and the many others that can be found at Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park, visitors will have no shortage of enticing options. You can pick up a free map at both parks to help you make sense of the different areas and rides, and unless you are pressed for time, going slow is recommended. You can quickly wear yourself out when trying to fit a lot of different rides on the itinerary.

In terms of time, it should be noted that Disneyland Resort visitors can look to maximize theirs by getting Fastpass vouchers. These vouchers are available for the most popular rides and can cut down considerably on the waiting period. If you don't mind splitting up with your group, you can also hope to save some time by getting in the Single Rider lines. These lines aren't always available, but when they are, those who find themselves in them often have a shorter wait than those in the regular line.

Disneyland Rides

Disneyland Rides

The Disneyland rides offer something for all ages and thrill levels, and you ...

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