Downtown Disney California

Downtown Disney California is a fun place to hang out both day and night. Found in the heart of Disneyland Resort, this entertainment area offers a range of shops and restaurants for visitors to choose from. It also features a cinema and live music venues, so you can easily end up lingering longer than you may have planned. Whatever your intentions, you'll be happy to know that it doesn't cost anything to access Downtown Disney California. You might also appreciate the fact that parking for the first three hours is free. If you prefer arriving by some other means, taking the monorail or walking from your Disneyland hotels are among the options.

The vibrant promenade that is Downtown Disney California is found just outside of the Disneyland theme parks. The district begins at the park gates and extends in the direction of the popular Disneyland Hotel. The atmosphere is fun, due partly to the various street performers, and the airy nature of the area helps to draw people in. The shopping and dining also attract scores of visitors, and it's not hard to understand why. The Downtown Disney restaurants range from family casual to fine dining, and shopping enthusiasts can enjoy some rather unique shopping experiences. Rounding things out are the other entertainment options. You can take in a movie at the twelve-screen cinema, catch a concert at the House of Blues, or enjoy a range of sports, games, and activities at the ESPN Zone Sports Arena.

For families, making a teddy bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, playing and shopping at the LEGO Imagination Center, and visiting Studio Disney 365 are among the most popular things to do at Downtown Disney California. Studio Disney 365 is a place where kids ages three and up can choose from a variety of fun makeover options. As you might expect, the Hannah Montana-inspired look is among the most popular makeover options for girls. Boys tend to go with a rock star look, as the majority of the other options are more fitting for young ladies.

Regardless of who is in your group, finding fun things to do at Downtown Disney California shouldn't be difficult. If nothing else, the district can make for a fun place to escape to when you need a break from the theme park rides. It can also be an excellent area to visit when looking to enjoy a cheap meal. The Downtown Disney restaurants are known for offering more value than the Disneyland restaurants that are found within the park itself. Worth noting is the fact that anyone who chooses to dine at one of the restaurants in Downtown Disney can get validation for two extra hours of free parking at the adjacent Downtown Disney District parking lot.

Many Downtown Disney California visitors who are coming from within the Disneyland resort choose to arrive by way of monorail. The Disneyland Monorail connects Downtown Disney to the resort's Tomorrowland area. To get to Downtown Disney from outside the resort, taking an Anaheim Resort Trolley from various parts of Anaheim is a popular transportation option, as is driving. Anyone driving over can find the Mickey & Friends self-parking structure at 1313 South Disneyland Drive. It should be noted that the top level of this parking structure can be a fine spot from which to take in the Disneyland fireworks. You can see both the fireworks from the Fantasmic! show and those that light up the nighttime sky over Disneyland Castle.

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