Disneyland Fastpass

Disneyland Fastpass holders enjoy a level of convenience that non-holders simply can't enjoy. You don't have to pay extra for this Disneyland ride pass, and that's just one more reason to keep it in mind when planning your visit. At both Disneyland Park and California Adventure, visitors can use the Fastpass service for various attractions to avoid waiting in long lines.

The system works like this. At a designated Fastpass attraction, you can find a ticket dispenser that prints out vouchers. These vouchers have a time on them, and this time is when you can access the attraction without having to wait in line. This can save a considerable amount of time, especially during the busier periods when lines at such attractions as Space Mountain can be very long.

After you purchase your Disneyland tickets and are within the boundaries of Disneyland Park or California Adventure, you can start keeping an eye out for the Fastpass ticket dispensers. At Disneyland Park, both Space Mountain and Splash Mountain are among the Fastpass attractions. Others include Indiana Jones Adventure, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, and Autopia, to name a few.

At California Adventure, California Screamin' is among the five Fastpass attractions. The others are Soarin' Over California, Grizzly River Run, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and World of Color. It should be noted that Fastpass vouchers for the World of Color nighttime spectacular are available on a first-come, first-served basis for same day shows. You can get World of Color vouchers at the Grizzly River Run Fastpass dispenser.

Upon arrival at Disneyland, you can grab an information packet that includes a map. On the map are red "FP" symbols that designate each of the Fastpass attractions. Once you figure out which Fastpass attractions you want to enjoy, getting your vouchers as soon as possible is recommended. You can only get one voucher at a time, and since they are limited, they often run out in the afternoon or evening.

The Disneyland Fastpass vouchers are essentially available for the most popular rides and attractions, and they are intended to help visitors maximize their time. You'll certainly be the envy of all the people who have to wait in the regular line when get your hands on a Fastpass voucher. As for other ways to save some time when it comes to your Disneyland visit, booking a vacation package deal can be a good idea in relation to the planning process. You can include such things as your airline tickets, your accommodations, and your park tickets in a Disney package deal, which leaves little more to worry about. Once you get to the Disneyland Resort, you can save time when trying to get around by riding the monorail or hopping on the Disneyland Railway.

Image: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland
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