Haunted Mansion Disneyland

The Haunted Mansion Disneyland is a fun attraction that you won't want to miss while exploring the New Orleans Square district in Disneyland Park. This dark ride sees guests taking a tour of a haunted mansion in moving cars that take riders around the mansion at a leisurely pace. The ghost of the mansion's former owner serves as the host, and at one point, he playfully taunts his visitors, encouraging them to notice a series of portraits that elongate into morbidly comedic depictions of past guests. After this happens, the lights go out, and you come to learn how the ghost host met his fate. Eventually, guests board carriages to venture up to the second floor, where more haunted scenes await. Then it's on to a ballroom, where ghostly fun is taking place. Some of the ghosts in the ballroom are guzzling wine while sitting on the chandeliers.

After you visit the ballroom at the Haunted Mansion Disneyland, it's on to the attic, where the highlights include an intriguing collection of wedding portraits. In these portraits, the heads of the grooms disappear to the sounds of a hatchet. The same bride is depicted in each portrait, and before the buggies make an exit through the window, her ghost is seen floating overhead. Once out the window, the buggies descend through a dark tree area that features cawing ravens. Then it's on to the graveyard, where ghosts and ghouls of all kinds await.

While this all might sound a little scary, the Haunted Mansion Disneyland is more fun than it is frightening. That being said, the effects can prove scary for younger children, but most visitors will enjoy this one of the Disneyland rides. It should be mentioned that during the holiday season, the Haunted Castle has a Christmas theme. The transformed scenes are inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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