Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys can be found throughout the Disneyland Resort, and you can bet that plenty of visitors keep an eye out for them while making the rounds. For those who might not know what a Hidden Mickey is, they are an image of or relating to Mickey Mouse that has been secretly concealed in the design of a ride, attraction, or resort. The classic Hidden Mickeys are silhouettes that depict Mickey's head and ears.

Over time, Disney's park planners and designers started adding Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland that differ from the classic examples. His initials, for example, now figure among the Hidden Mickeys. There are also Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland that relate to Mickey's features, such as his yellow shoes, and you might even come across other Disney characters altogether. Generally speaking, anything that relates to Mickey Mouse can be a Hidden Mickey, especially if it is found in a place where it would otherwise not be expected.

The hidden images of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters are among the most renowned Disneyland secrets. That being said, the secret has gotten out in terms of where to find a good amount of them. New ones are added all the time, however, so you just might be the first to discover an image in question. Interestingly enough, the whole Hidden Mickey thing started out as a joke. Walt Disney Imagineers had no idea what they were starting when they began adding these curious images to their theme parks in California, Florida, and abroad.

The Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland can be found in all the different Disneyland Park areas. In the Main Street USA area, for example, some of the lights that illuminate the steps at the Main Street Cinema form Hidden Mickeys, and you'll see classic Hidden Mickey examples in the doors and windows of the Golden Horseshoe Review in Frontierland. These are just two of the numerous examples, and it the possibilities only increase when you also consider the Hidden Mickeys that are found at California Adventure Park.

You could truly spend an entire day or more searching for Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland, as there are more than you might imagine. If you don't want to take it that far, however, you can at least look for them in the various ride lines while you wait. It can help to pass the time. An example of a Hidden Mickey that can be noticed while standing in line for an attraction is the image of Mickey Mouse's head that is formed by a copper coin. This coin rests on a ledge in a pool full of coins and can be spotted while waiting in the Big Thunder Railroad roller coaster line. Another example is the Hidden Mickey that can be noticed in the line for the Matterhorn. One of the coat of arms that are found on the building pillars features the image of a key that curls into the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Most of the fun of finding Hidden Mickeys is finding them on your own, by surprise, so keep your eyes open and your head up!

Image: Myrna Litt (flickr)
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