Indiana Jones Adventure Ride

The Indiana Jones Adventure ride is the main attraction at Disneyland's Adventureland area and one of the most entertaining rides in the park. Opened in 1995, it sees guests following in the footsteps of Dr. Indiana Jones. The journey includes a visit to a lost temple, where military troop transit vehicles serve as the means of transportation. These all-terrain vehicles bounce and sway as you pass along lava pits and over shaky bridges, adding a relatively realistic effect. Adding to the lively scenario are fire-breathing dragons, and as you might expect, there is a moment where a rolling boulder must be avoided.

The Indiana Jones Adventure Disneyland is set in 1935 and features an ancient deity character by the name of Mara. According to legend, this deity can provide visitors with various supernatural treasures, the likes of which include eternal youth, the ability to see into the future, and vast riches. It can also cause death to those who look into its eyes. Going along with the attraction's story, a friend of Dr. Indiana Jones who goes by the name of Sallah set up a tour for the lost Temple of the Forbidden Eye. When tourists started to disappear, however, Dr. Jones went in to investigate. He never came out, however, which is where you and your crew come in. It's tourists to the rescue!

There are a few things worth keeping in mind when it comes to the Indiana Jones Adventure Disneyland ride. For starters, you must be at least 46 inches tall to enjoy it. There's also the Fastpass option, which allows you to get a special voucher that has a designated ride time on it. This can help you avoid waiting in the regular line, which is usually on the longer side. Finally, you might keep an eye out for the Hidden Mickeys that can be found at the attraction. One of them is a depiction of Mickey's head that is formed by three holes in the ceiling of the lost temple's Dart corridor. You might also notice the small classic Hidden Mickey symbol that is found on the painted disk in the Hanging Rope room. It's featured in the outer circle of symbols on the lower right side.

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