Disneyland Parades

Disneyland parade themes change every few years. As such, those returning after some time away will likely have the chance to enjoy a new one. In addition to the main parade, which is offered throughout much of the year, there is also a special Disneyland Christmas Parade for the holiday season. This parade features not only Mickey Mouse, but Santa Claus as well. The Disneyland parade music, regardless of the parade that you catch, is lively and fun. You might even be tempted to join in on a dance or jam session with the parade members. It's encouraged and can make for some unforgettable memories.

The main Disneyland Parade is set to change again. The new edition is called Mickey's Soundsational Parade. As opposed to some of the past parades, which had more than fifteen floats, this exciting affair will have five floats. Characters from classic Disney tales such as Peter Pan, Snow White, and Aladdin are among the parade members, and keeping in line with tradition, Mickey Mouse is the star of it all. As for the Disneyland Parade music, it will be more percussion-based than usual. In fact, the floats have classic drum float designs. Some of the songs are from popular Disney films, and you'll also have the chance to enjoy some original scores.

Depending on when you visit the Disneyland Resort, you might have the chance to catch the special Disneyland Christmas Parade. You might also be able to catch the parade at California Adventure. The Christmas parade is offered between late November and early January and takes to the streets in Main Street USA in Disneyland Park. Mickey and his friends are joined by Santa Claus for this extra festive affair, and you can expect to see plenty of dancing reindeer, as well as some snowflakes. Should you be wondering about the Disneyland parades times, this traditional holiday season installment has two daily showings. The first Disneyland Christmas Parade of the day kicks off at 2:30 p.m., while the second starts at 5:30 p.m.

For those who are interested in the Disneyland parades times, 5:15 p.m. is when the Pixar Play Parade starts at the California Adventure theme park. This parades features popular characters from Disney-Pixar films like Finding Nemo and Toy Story, and many of these characters are riding on colorful floats. Joining the Disney-Pixar characters are acrobats and other special performers, and the music is both fun and catchy. The California Adventure areas that are most ideal for viewing the Pixar Play Parade are Sunshine Plaza, Golden State, and Paradise Pier, with Sunshine Plaza most often being the most crowded.

The Disneyland parades aren't always offered at the same time of day, and during the slower times of year, such as the winter months, they can be limited in number or suspended altogether. As such, you'll want to make it a point to inquire with the staff upon arrival at the Disneyland Resort. Information centers are placed in various spots, and they have people that can answer your every question. One of the main information centers is found in the Main Street USA area of Disneyland Park, and you will find another in California Adventure's Sunshine Plaza area. It can also be a good idea to pick up a free guide map upon arrival at either theme park. These guides can help you make sense of a lot of things, including available events.

Image: Scott Brinegar/Disneyland
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