Space Mountain

Space Mountain has long been one of the most popular rides at Disneyland Park. Opened in 1977, this thrilling indoor roller coaster was designed to mimic the Space Mountain roller coaster at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It has been revamped several times over the years, and as such, you could argue that it is better than ever. As long as you are at least 40 inches tall, you can take a ride on the exciting Space Mountain Roller Coaster at Disneyland, and chances are good that when it comes to an end, you'll be eager to get back in line.

Before the Space Mountain ride begins, guests enter the Space Port. This large chamber's interior resembles that of a futuristic spaceship, thus keeping in line with the overall theme. Once in the Space Port, guests are loaded into their "shuttle rockets" and a safety check is undertaken. The Space Mountain shuttle rockets are akin to your standard roller coaster cars, only they have a more futuristic appeal. After a brief countdown, riders enter a dazzling world of black holes, stars, asteroids, and other rockets. Plenty of quick dips and fast turns up the thrill level, and throughout the duration, the onboard sound system churns out an accompanying soundtrack. It's a verifiable feast for the senses, and as long as you are up for some excitement (including long drops, and sudden twists and turns) during your Disneyland vacation, it's a ride that is not to be missed.

The Space Mountain Roller Coaster at Disneyland can be found in Disneyland Park's Tomorrowland area. This area, it should be noted, is linked to Downtown Disney by the resort's monorail. Due to the popularity of Space Mountain, the line is often lengthy. As such, you might look to take advantage of the Fastpass feature. This feature, which is available for select Disneyland and California Adventure rides, allows park visitors to get a ride voucher for a specific time. The result is that you don't have to linger in the regular line.

Image: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland
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