Things to do in Disneyland

Things to do in Disneyland
Things to do in Disneyland

Things to do in Disneyland consist of all the things you might normally expect of a world-class theme park, beginning first and foremost with the famed Disneyland rides and the iconic Disney princesses and characters that have been loved by generations of children. For visitors young and old, this theme park has things to do for everyone who walks through its gates.


Even dining here is can be an event, whether you’re a child delighting in sharing the table with one of the beloved princesses and characters or an adult swinging to jazz at the House of Blues. You can experience the famous Cajun and Creole cuisine of New Orleans at the Blue Bayou restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean area. There is exclusive gourmet dining and places that will pack the picnic of your choice. Even casual snack places are not run of the mill, and some of the most popular Disneyland attractions are the dining spots.


Disneyland Things To Do
Disneyland Things To Do

Things to do in Disneyland that are almost unavoidable include enjoying the many events that occur throughout both theme parks and the Downtown Disney District with virtual daily regularity. Possibly the most famous of these events are the iconic fireworks displays that have been held since the park first opened. The explosions of color behind the Sleeping Beauty Disneyland Castle happen each evening throughout the summer as well as on other holidays like New Years Eve. There are also parades happening pretty much every day throughout the year.


Best Rides at Disneyland
Best Rides at Disneyland

The Disneyland attractions that thrill are among the most popular. Little children will enjoy the Alice ride and the Disneyland Railroads. Older children and adults will thrill to the California Screamin’ roller coaster and Splash Mountain (be aware that you will probably get wet on this one). There are themed rides that take you on journeys into some of the most popular family movies, including Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and Indiana Jones Adventure.


First time visitors who may not be familiar with all the Disneyland attractions or the parks’ layout can benefit from guided tours, especially if their vacations will last two or more days. There are several excellent tours available that can be included in vacation packages. They generally last from two to four hours, and offer everything from an introductory overview to a private in-depth VIP tour (four-hour minimum) with a personal VIP tour guide. Tours are available in both Disneyland Park and the California Adventure Park.


Another of the popular things to do in Disneyland is shop, and shopping can be as much of an event as dining. There are wonderful souvenir and themed items to buy that go beyond the typical. Of course, there are logo mugs, tee shirts, and Mickey Mouse ears, but there are high-end fashion boutiques and even a sophisticated gallery with one-of-a-kind museum quality pieces.


Parades and fireworks can certainly be considered shows, but other Disneyland attractions include light and water shows held in various areas of Disneyland and the California Adventure Park. Try Fantasmic! Inspired by the film Fantasia, which is held in the Rivers of America or the World of Color in the California Adventure Park. There are also live musical shows in both parks and the Downtown Disney District, and international music headliners are featured at the House of Blues and Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.


You may think a place beloved by children around the world is not exactly the kind of place for a sophisticated grown-up wedding, but you would be wrong. There are both elegant and fanciful venues for the ceremony, from the gardens of the Disneyland Hotel to the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Grand Californian Hotel and the Paradise Pier Hotel also offer wedding and reception venues. There are professional wedding planners on staff, and all these hotels have accommodations that cater to romantic couples on honeymoons. In this day of blended families, one of the things to do in Disneyland is more and more often getting hitched and enjoying the honeymoon with the children. There are in-room child care options available so adults can enjoy a night out alone, and the resorts hotels offer supervised child programs.

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