Disneyland Weddings

Disneyland weddings can be truly magical affairs, and as soon as the ceremony is over, an equally magical reception or honeymoon can be enjoyed. Throw in the fact that your guests will have access to two of the best theme parks in the country, and it only gets better. There are Disneyland wedding packages to suit a wide range of preferences, and thanks to the resort's competent planners, you don't have to stress over the details. You will have to plan everything well in advance, however, as last-minute weddings at Disneyland are all but impossible to arrange.

Couples who are interested in enjoying a unique wedding won't want to forget about Disneyland. This is especially true if the couple in question includes a pair of Disney fans. Brides are made to feel like princesses at this resort, and grooms can imagine themselves as a prince. Everything is included in the Disneyland wedding packages, including the invitations, the flowers, and the catering, and the venue options aim to please. Among the venues that you can use for your Disneyland wedding is the Paradise Pier Pavilion at Disney's California Adventure. A sandy floor, seashell accents, and lounge-style furniture help to create a beach atmosphere at this beautiful venue.

Other venues that you might want to consider when planning Disneyland weddings are the Rose Court Garden and the Parkview Terrace. The Rose Court Garden features a lush environment to go with its attractive gazebo, and you can choose from different decoration schemes to add your own special touch. As for the Parkview Terrace, it features a stunning altar and can also be decorated any number of ways.

The Disneyland wedding packages usually include the reception, and as far as the reception venues are concerned, the Disneyland hotels provide some alluring options. The Disneyland wedding packages that include a reception at one of the hotels allow you to customize the decorations, and you can also choose from a variety of spectacular cakes. Many of the cakes that Disneyland can provide for its weddings are topped with Disney figurines. These figurines usually depict Mickey and Minnie.

As for where to stay during your Disneyland wedding, the three distinctive Disneyland hotels provide some very agreeable lodging options. You can also consider staying at a nearby hotel or booking one of the Disneyland vacation rentals if you don't need to stay onsite. The Disneyland wedding packages that are offered by the resort itself typically include a stay at one of the Disneyland hotels. If the Disneyland packages interest you, it is important to remember that you must start planning everything one year prior to your ceremony. The resort has a year-long wedding planning cycle.

Couples who are interested in enjoying a Disneyland wedding might also consider the other Disney wedding options. A wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida can be every bit as rewarding, and getting married on a Disney Cruise Line ship is also an option. The Disney Cruise Line ships depart from Port Canaveral Florida, which is about an hour east of Walt Disney World. Most of the Disney cruises last between three and seven nights, and if you don't have your heart set on a trip to the Caribbean, then you might take an interest in the cruises that make their way through Europe. Regardless of which Disney wedding option you choose, the honeymoon can begin as soon as the ceremony is over!

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