Dodge Ridge

Dodge Ridge Ski Area has been an alluring California destination for winter sports enthusiasts for over 60 years. It is located in the central portion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just over 30 miles east of Sonora along Highway 108. It is the ski resort of choice for many people traveling from the likes of San Jose, Sacramento, and Modesto.

There are all kinds of things to do at the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, besides skiing and snowboarding. However, the runs for these two favorite winter pastimes are quite amazing. The vertical drop at Dodge Ridge is 1,600 feet and the highest elevation tops the 8,000 feet mark. Skiers and snowboarders alike will enjoy over 60 runs on 832 acres. Twenty percent of the runs are set aside for beginners, 40 percent for intermediate, and 40 percent for advanced skiers and boarders. The longest run (Stagecoach) is an impressive two miles long, and not for the faint of heart. There are eight total lifts, which means that if you hate waiting in long lift lines, you will love it here. The typical season at the Dodge Ridge Ski Area runs from December to April and the average annual snowfall is somewhere between 300 and 500 inches. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy three freestyle terrain parks located throughout the mountain.

There is no Dodge Ridge ski lodging right on the mountain, although there are a variety of options for campgrounds in and around the resort. The Pinecrest Campground, Meadowview Campground, Pioneer Trail Campground, Brightman Complex, and Fraser Flat are all excellent locations for outdoor Dodge Ride ski lodging within extremely close proximity of the mountain itself. You can definitely save money on Dodge Ridge ski lodging by taking advantage of the ability to stay at one of the nearby campgrounds. If you are vacationing with a group of friends and are primarily focused on hitting the hills, an RV rental and a campground stay might be an ideal choice. You also have the option of driving a couple of miles into town to locate a variety of hotels, motels, and other accommodations to suit most any budgets.

You won’t have to worry about renting snowboard or ski equipment either, as the Tech Shop has everything you need, from boot fittings to boards, coats to binding mounts, and adjustments. There are also a variety of lessons to choose from at the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, pre-school and children’s programs, to private lessons and adaptive group learning, you will find just about every possible method of learning how to ski being taught at this location.

Dining at Dodge Ride Ski Area is another appeal of this family-friendly establishment which was first opened all the way back in 1950. The Creekside Café and North Fork Bistro (located in the Family Lodge) are just two of your options for food and drinks while staying at this resort. The Boulder Bar and Local’s Café provide excellent atmospheres for unwinding after an exhilarating day of attacking some challenging runs. Enjoy a drink and a nice meal with some friends as you discuss the day’s exploits. Dodge Ridge also offers a variety of packages, from season passes, to single-day passes, lift passes and a variety of incentive deals that include entertainment, accommodations, and more. If you want to check out other California ski areas, the Bear Valley Ski Resort is not that far to the north of Dodge Ridge, also located in Stanislaus National Forest.

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