El Segundo Beaches

To the immediate north of Manhattan Beach is where you will find the small city of El Segundo California, and to the immediate north of El Segundo is where you will find the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Spending at least a night in El Segundo is a good idea for those who are either arriving on a flight or planning to fly out of the city the next day, and if you have more time to spare, it’s a pretty good base from which to enjoy all that Los Angeles County has to offer. The hotels here tend to offer cheaper rates than in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach, and it’s a quieter and more relaxed community than all of the above, not considering the noise from airplanes overhead. Sure, the El Segundo beaches might not be the best in Los Angeles County, but they are less crowded than other beaches in the area, which is something to consider.

One of the best things about El Segundo California is its small-town, friendly feel. Many people who come here to explore the town or relax on an El Segundo beach come specifically to escape the busier destinations close by. El Segundo’s Main Street, which runs through the heart of town, is a pleasant strip of shops and different architectural styles, and just off of Main Street at Mariposa Avenue is the El Segundo Library, which is known for its September through December concert series. An array of technologically-oriented businesses have made the move to El Segundo, which has changed the demographics some, and the city is still home to an oil refinery and a water treatment plant, both of which help to supply jobs for local residents. Unfortunately, the oil refinery and the water treatment plant are both visible from the El Segundo beaches, which can adversely affect the overall experience for some.

The El Segundo beaches, which are a bit separated from the more inland city center, are really just one extended beach, and those who are driving a car to get here can find ample parking close by. There is free street parking available, but since it is not always easy to find a spot, you should bring at least a few dollars with you to pay for a spot at the small El Segundo beach parking lot. The parking lot is open between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., so you’ll have plenty of time to relax and work on your tan when you hit the El Segundo beaches. As is true anywhere on the California coast, sundown is a good time to visit the El Segundo beach, as you can watch the sun set over the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The El Segundo beach is mostly devoid of facilities, and getting a bite to eat here is not an option. For many, that’s just fine, as the lack of facilities basically equates to fewer people to share the beach with. There are some port-a-potties near the parking lot, and for those interested in enjoying a nice stroll, jog, or bicycle ride, there is also a bike path here.

In addition to the bike path at the El Segundo beach, there are also a few volleyball nets set up on the soft sand. These courts are sometimes used for pre-arranged matches, but more often than not, visitors can use them. Summertime is when the beach in El Segundo California is at its busiest, so it might be harder to get on the courts during the summer season. Should you be looking for a nearby beach that offers more in the way of facilities and recreational opportunities, nearby Redondo Beach is a good choice, and you can pretty much head up and down the coast and find other Los Angeles beaches that have things like restaurants, shops, and piers.

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