Giant Sequoia

Seeing a Giant Sequoia is the highlight of any visit to the Sequoia National Park. Towering above the Central Valley of California, these massive trees dominate the landscape.

There are two types of Sequoia Trees in California, and its good to know the differences to really appreciate these incredible natural landmarks. The species of Sequoia Trees that is at the Sequoia National Park are Sierra Redwoods. A Giant Sequoia can grow up to 300 feet tall and can grow as big as twenty-three feet around. There are only three species of Redwood, and the Giant Sequoia Redwoods account for two of them.

The Coast Redwoods are the other kind of Sequoia Tree, and this type is the largest between the two. Coast Redwood are younger that the Sierra Redwoods but they grow larger, and this may be due to the fact that there is more moisture on the coast.

On the North Coast, the Avenue of the Giants takes you through some of these dark forests, whose canopy is so thick that little light reaches the forest floor. The Sequoia Trees also block the sun starting early in the afternoon, creating a hushed, mysterious setting that will only increase your awe of the Giant Sequoia. You will be even more amazed when you consider that these Coast Redwoods are 2200 years old, with the average age of a Sequoia Tree on the coastal range being at least 600 years old.

The Giant Sequoias in the Sequoia National Forest are a thousand years older than the coastal Redwoods; the oldest known Sequoia Tree was estimated to be 3,200 years old based on a ring count.

If you want to spend a few days taking in the majesty of the Sequoia National Forest

there are a few different options. You can camp in the park if you like, but if you've spend the whole day hiking and exploring other parts of the High Sierra you may like to return to a hotel. Only 6 miles from the entrance to the park, the Holiday Inn Express is great Sequoia National Park Lodging option because you can more time enjoying the park without feeling like you have to rush. You can spend an entire weekend at the park and really enjoy your visit when you take your time.

Set in the Sierra Nevada foothills of the Sierra Nevada is the Plantation Bed and Breakfast. Away from the big town towns, you can spend the night in accommodations that reflect the environment. You will love waking up at this comfortable country bed and breakfast.

The Plantation Bed and Breakfast is located in a small town with 190 residents, but it is easy to reach from Highway 198. This is what you can take to get to the park, so this is a great option for Sequoia National Park Lodging. The food here is impressive, and the pool open 24 hours a day when the weather permit. You will love the rustic elegance of this bed and breakfast that gives you the most comfortable Sequoia National Park Lodging.

The most scenic approach into the park is from the Southwest. State Highway 198 starts off unimpressively as it goes straight through the scenic Central Valley. The views are nice, but nothing to what you are hoping to see. After you pass the orchards and farms, you'll see the foothills of the Sierra Nevada come into view. The road gets steeper and winds around Lake Kaweah. The road then takes you through Middle Fork Canyon and then it begins to descend. You will drive through a forest with smaller trees like Pine, Fir, Cedar, and then at least the famed Sequoia tree. At first they're small but then all of a sudden the Giant Sequoia trees surround you.

Soak in the Jacuzzi or reflect on the beauty of the Sierra Mountains when you visit here. A relaxing and scenic part of your California Vacation, the Giant Sequoias aren't like other California attractions; to impress, all they have to do is stand there and grow.



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