Half Dome


The Yosemite Half Dome stands majestically tall and proud at 8,842 feet. It was formed by a particular type of granite, plutonic rock. The Half Dome's missing half is believed to have parted from its sibling when the Ice Age glaciers passed through Yosemite. The Half Dome hike is approximately 17 miles round trip. You should plan on taking at least 10-12 hours. For your hiking assistance, cables are put up in late May and taken down in the early part of October. When you climb Half Dome, be aware that the elevation will increase approximately 4,800 from the floor of the Yosemite Valley. Hiking Half Dome is a climbers dream. However, it can be very challenging!

If you wish to climb Half Dome, there are certain items that must be taken with you. Keep in mind that water is your best friend. You will need between one-half and one gallon. Put one half of that in the freezer overnight. You'll appreciate the coolness of the water as you climb Half Dome. Make sure that you bring water purifying pills, since the streams at Yosemite may not be clean drinking water.

When hiking the Yosemite Half Dome, you are going to need plenty of energy. Be sure to bring along nutritious but light weight food. Also, bring some high-energy snacks such as trails mixes and granola bars. If you don't already have a pair, leather or rawhide gloves will protect your hands form damage form the cables. Your feet will probably get wet at some time on your Half Dome hike. Therefore, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of socks. Bring along some mole skin to put on the sore spots on your toes. Since the only pit stops are at the Vernal Falls Bridge, Nevada Falls, & Little Yosemite Valley campground, you might want to plan accordingly. A bandana is not only useful for blocking the sun; it can be wet in the streams in order to supply cooling to the face.

Since the rocks may make the Half Dome hike a bit slippery, be sure to bring along a sturdy pair of hiking boots. In the event that your Half Dome hike takes longer than expected, you will be happy to have a flashlight. At times, it can become chilly along the Half Dome Trail. Be sure to bring a windbreaker and a silver emergency blanket. Also, the Vernal Falls section of the Half Dome Trail is known as a mist trail, so make sure you bring along a poncho.

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